Free Importance of Maintaining Public Libraries Essay Sample

Public libraries are facilities we cannot afford to lose even with the current sophisticated computing systems and the internet era. One does not need to be at a given age, have specific amount of money, or have specific characteristics to qualify using library resources. These are well physical structured gathering places with convenient programs that enable social and cultural mixing through discussions and meetings with friends and strangers with a common academic goal. Libraries provide safe places where people can learn through reading regardless of one’s background (Landgraf, 2011). This paper discusses the importance of maintaining public libraries and giving reasons why it is not a waste of money compared to maintaining computer and internet-based libraries.

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Public libraries are there for all ages, and this is regardless of a person’s origin language since help is offered to those whose English is a second language. Literary libraries help people to use the internet. Libraries actually work in hand with the internet to provide researchers a tool to carry out vast research in their studies (Carison, 2006). Accessing the internet seems easy but it is very difficult to access the full depth of information. Libraries preserve people’s privacy where by individuals personal details such as credit card details and personal profiles are much safe and are not vulnerable as in the use of computers and the internet (Landgraf, 2011).

It is important to invest in public libraries as they add value to the society. These are facilities that cannot be replaced by computers and the internet as they act as a hub for preserving the past. The strong and durable structures have been able to keep literature materials for very many yeas up to three centuries (Landgraf, 2011). People’s research works and findings are well protected and preserved in the public libraries at convenient costs as compared to the internet databases which are costly and vulnerable to pirates (Landgraf, 2011).  This is one of the most important reasons why maintaining public is considered better compared to maintaining computer or internet-based libraries. Books are good for the eyes and can be easily transported to distances where computers cannot be taken to especially where there is lack of electricity and internet connection (Carison, 2006).  


Public libraries are amenities the society cannot do without, they offer information that is reliable and cannot be altered for as for very many years. The structures provide favorable environment for reading and doing and have rich resources that have been archived for many years, an exercise that will take the internet so many years to arrange all these information online and in a convenient way. The two work together as computers provide systems that make people find books and information easily. 


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