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The United States of America has previously had frosty relations with the Middle East nations, which have even led to two gulf wars, mainly against Iraq. The Bush regime, to be precise was not successful in its nation building efforts focused on the Middle East after the 9/11 attack. Former president Bush had little backing when he expanded the war on terror to Iraq in 2003, though it saw the toppling and subsequent trial of Saddam Hussein.

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Bush's democracy campaigns in the Middle East suffered a blow when Iraq plunged into a civil war; Hamas won the elections on the Gaza strip and the rise in popularity of Hezbollah after a war with Israel. The statement of intent is, therefore a huge step forward in seeking to consolidate the interests of the United States in the Middle East. All the terrorists attack in the US or on its interests around the world have roots in the middle, and US has a duty to go and destroy breading grounds of such terror groups.

 According to the statement, the interests will be advanced through stronger defense abilities of the regional partners of the United States. A barricade, however, exists in the form of Iran due to its nuclear weaponry and its continued support and funding of terrorist organizations in the Middle East. The U.S. military seeks to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weaponry by increasing its presence in the region. The joint force also aims in helping Iraq in its transition from the civil war by building a capable defense force whilst strengthening Iraqis security relations with other Middle East countries.

The statement therefore represents viable reconciliatory efforts between America and the Middle East countries after years of frosty relations. The strategy should be adjusted to help the Middle East countries which have recently suffered from political uprisings to rebuild and start anew.  Countries such as Bahrain, Yemen, and Oman are on a reconstruction path, and as part of its reconciliatory efforts, the joint force should assist in building the people's faith in the newly elected governments.


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