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Nuclear proliferation is the spread of nuclear weapons to countries, which are not recognized by the Treaty on the nonproliferation of nuclear treaty (NPT) as nuclear weapon state. Ratification and signing of the NPT was done by more than 180 countries in 1975 with the objective of preventing the spread of nuclear weapon technology. The criteria that NPT uses to acknowledge states as nuclear states are that the countries must have experienced nuclear weapons before 1968. (Bernstein, 2010) Both nations with nuclear and without nuclear oppose proliferation as they are afraid of that more nuclear increase the availability of weapon of mass destruction (WMD) hence creating probability of nuclear warfare.

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India, North Korea, Pakistan and Israel besides the five states that signed NPT are recognized to have acquired nuclear weapons. These nations maintain that that the NPT was created by the west to prevent them from joining the nuclear club. Apart from four nations that have resisted change, the rest of the world has been corporative in ensuring that there is progress in the area of nuclear disarmament. The Anti ballistic missile treaty that was signed in 1972 prohibits the use of self-protective systems which might be beneficial to one side in a nuclear war. The reasoning was that if any two sides remain defenseless, no one side would assault the other. This was followed by the comprehensive test ban treaty, which restricts testing of nuclear weapons. The treaty has greatly reduced activities associated with nuclear weapons.

The latest strategy on reducing the treat of nuclear war is the strategic arms reduction treaties. The treaties have greatly reduced the nuclear weapons that are possessed by nations like Russia and US. This is a great step towards making the world a safer place. Russia and U.S. are the two nations that possessed the largest inventory of nuclear weapons. (Bernstein, 2010) Many nations have thus changed their attitudes and pledged not to pursue nuclear weapons. Since nuclear weapons have considerably reduced, the threat posed by WMD has reduced and I believe that there is no possibility of their use in the next ten years.


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