Free O’Toole Argument in Change in Federal Government Essay Sample

Basically U.S.A is founded on federalism but not a system which authority flows down in a straight manner such as it is in unitary form of government. This way it is meant to encourage conflicts and controversy in most of the cases. U.S administrators must work in places whereby the authority is shared amongst people of various levels, jurisdictions which vary, and different units of the government. This implies that there is the need to study IGR that is the intergovernmental relations.

            This has been studied by people such Laurence J.O’Toole Jr. He said defined the intergovernmental relations as how the various and numerous government in the United States deal with each other and their relative responsibilities, roles, and the levels exist and should be. These federal-state relationship is usually interdepends upon each other and must deal with each other to meet the common end. There exist several levels of the government which include National, state and local government which include Counties, municipalities, township, school district, and special districts. These special districts are the ones which manage special projects and special functions. For example in the supply of water and sewerage, constructions of bridges are some of the functions of the special districts.

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            In the local government is the original creation throughout the county to administer the basic services at the local level. With the use municipalities, people are given service in places where they are concentrated areas. These municipalities at most of the time are at a conflict with the parent government because they lack independent status with similarities to states whit in the United States framework which they work in. Municipalities at most of the time develop other means of collecting revenue as the addition this makes them to be more independent from the other levels of the government.

The Founding and the Framework

            The ones, who formed the basis of the United States government, looked for a way to put together several states to form a structure which would have minimal instability forms, injustice, and confusion among the citizens or in the administration of these different states. America had agreed on several factors on the formation of a formal arrangement that provided states loosely joined having a similar purpose. Federalist argues that they themselves remain independent but with corresponding jurisdictions which turn out to be independent.


            The constitutions of the United States divide responsibilities between the two levels of government according to subject. According to the 10th amendments provided that the powers are not delegated to the united states due to the constitution, nor is it provided by the constitution to the state, are reserved to the state respectively, or the people. Founders established that the overlapping two level structures could never be independent of each other at any given time.


Development in the early 20th century

            The power to regulate and concentrated in one large corporations was provided, conservation of the natural resource should be observed because they appear to be limited in nature. Newly developed state bureaucracies which had interest in the involvement in opportunities for expansion and were expanded in the funding, using the income tax, the government provided a sources of money which they could use from time to time and were regarded to as grand-in-aid. These are transfers of revenues from one government to another for a specific reason. A specific detail of how the money was going to be used for every transaction and it was to be managed was provided.

Basic types of assistance

             Based on what the donor wants the money he give should to do, grant come with different shapes and sizes. These are the grants which are referred to as the categorical grants. Donors at time may also design intergovernmental programs for many purposes in a specific field which is termed as the block grants. At around 1970s there was the formation of an aid known as the revenue sharing. This was in the assurance of one government would provide financial aid without any restrictions. With the form of the purpose which the grants are going to take, there are specific formulas which are precisely provided. This distinguished the different types of grants which are designed to show different relationship between the governments.

Emergent of frustrations and Tensions

            Interagency for competition for most of the clients showed that there was loosening of federal requirement as they were provided. It also appears that some grants having the basic things have got different requirements as well as approval processes. National programs have been given the first priority instead of concentrating on local needs. A large number of responsibilities become diffused; using the mechanisms of democratic government is not in a position to readily ensure that the policy reflects will of the people or their representatives in the state. Apart from federal government producing energy and intensiveness, it may bring escalating costs and frustrations.


            This was the mother of the federal government in America. it provided a government which was interdependent in the branches it provided with complexity in that the network is large and differentiated has existed. Different presidents from then such as Nixon, Cater, and Reagans attempted revolutions has come up with amendments to the system. These amendments have provided changes which in each ones view strengthened the system. As in revolution they believed in provision of a strong state which had limited government power. It also sided in making better the state of living forcitizens by reduction of the taxes and guaranteeing them with security in their state.


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