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 The popularity and the trust that greeted president Obama and the Democratic Party in his first year in office is still intact. In fact a recent poll showed that the American public still trust Democrats more than Republicans in handling the major problems facing America by a double digit, which is an improvement from two months ago when the Congress was engaged in an extended endgame over the highly divisive health-care legislation (Gardiner, 2010). It seem that majority of American still see president Obama as ideologically right despite repeated efforts by the Republican Party to portray him otherwise. Those polled further said that they trust president Obama more than the Republicans in Congress to deal with the healthcare, economy, and the financial regulatory reform (Romano, 2010). The recent financial reform debate in the senate has also given Obama a chance to paint the Republican has defenders of not only wall street but all other unpopular institutions, while passage of the controversial health care law has to larger extent liberated the white house from a burdensome issues that had taken a notable toll on President Obama.

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Unlike President Bill Clinton before him, President Obama has demonstrated that he is not a pragmatic leader. In fact he is an ideologue, which actually sets him apart from President Clinton before him who at least showed a certain degree of flexibility in addressing the concern of the American voters. President Obama indifference concerning the American voter is hinged on the assumption that with time the American electorate will understand and sign-up to his way of doing thing (Romano, 2010). President First term is already proving a disaster in more ways than one. First, he seemed to have failed in offering a better alternative than highly unpopular republican president George Bush during the sunset of his regime, as far as the war in Afghanistan and rising standoff with Iran concerning its nuclear ambition is concerned (Gardiner, 2010). He has just like a number of presidents before him failed to achieve a lasting solution to the Middle East crisis, in fact his attempts at reaching a peaceful Middle East settlement has largely been viewed as if detrimental to the Jerusalem’s cause which has not help matter especially bearing in mind the historical ‘symbiotic’ relationship between Israel and the United States that has enabled the United States keep a check on terrorist activities in the Middle East. Still on matters foreign policy, Obama presidency ‘engagement policy’ has not produced enough deals with the likes of Russia, Iran and other hostile countries like would have been expected. His left wing policy agenda has not helped much which can yield voted for the republican come 2012 if harnessed properly.  HE seem not to have portrayed himself as a global statesman has far as his foreign policy is concerned which has  therefore diminished his stature not just within the United States but also out there. This is what the Republican Party should capitalize on in their campaign for white house come year 2012 in their attempt to unseat Obama. 

President Obama’s economic policy has particularly been a disaster on the economic front. In fact it has only succeeded in significantly undermining the economic freedom in the US. This is a product of a weak balance sheet, weak housing market, protectionist trade policies, and high debts which have resulted to among others, persistent high unemployment that President Obama has to contend with as he seen another term in office (Gardiner, 2010). Despite the positive marks that Presidents Obama has been receiving for his overall performance of the economy, dissatisfaction on his policies continue to pile especially from among the independents. These dissatisfaction might be modest, however it should be noted that they come at a time when President Obama and Democratic Party in general have been on the offensive, after playing for months on health care. It is important that the Republican capitalize on the health care issue as much as possible since it present them with a chance to paint Obama has a person who does not have the interest of the Americans at heart.  

Targets of your Campaign strategy

The fact that the citizen of New Hampshire, Iowa, and South Carolina who normally take early voting status serious than the rest of the US which therefore means that it will be a great cliffhanger come 2012 ought to be accorded the seriousness that it deserves by the Republicans before it is too late (Romano, 2010). This therefore calls for more attention and efforts as far as these three states are concerned. In this regard a combination of a gorgeous reality show that should endeavor to showcase the republican candidate will be a good starting point. Internet campaigning would be a good start especially because of the way it normally target the youths, this is because as it happened with president Obama in his first stab at the presidency, it will most definitely work wonders as far as the youth votes are concerned with the Republican if they employ it nicely.  Another advantage of the internet campaigning is the fact that internet itself can be very effective in mobilizing campaign fund instead of seeking funding from corporation and powerful individuals which has proved quiet unpopular with the American voters. This will also be a show of transparency which has been lacking for some time now as far as campaign funding is concerned in the United States. The youth will form the greatest target of the campaign which is the reasons why internet and other avenues of reaching the youths should be employed. As much as the party should endeavor to win Republican Party stronghold, the Republican should as well strive to recapture its traditional strongholds which for sometime now have been drifting toward the Democratic Party (Romano, 2010).    

Message/ image

In an effort to beat President Obama who will by then be enjoying the incumbency advantage, the Republic party should strive to painting President Obama not as a “real American” or still as a president who does not respect the American constitution as some of the Republican past presidents. The way he has been dodging question about his religion and his connection, or lack of it, with the Mormon Church should also be used to question his transparency and his love of the United States. The current picture of Obama as a president who has consistently sanctioned the abuse of state power ought to be maintained in as long as it can be possible. The same should go to his Obamacare which currently has disenfranchised majority of the working class (Gardiner, 2010).   

Campaign communication

Just like I have said the internet has lowered the obstacles for political participation which is good for now not only to the Republican Party but also to any other party or candidate who is participating in the election in whatever level. Through internet as a new medium, the party and its candidate will be able to interact with the voters better than has been the case previously. However, it is important to note that even though it is revolutionizing the way campaigns are conducted, it will never change their goal of such campaign which is essentially to get as many votes against the opponent, Obama in this case, as possible. As an additional opportunity it should be used to identify and mobilize supporters, recruit volunteers and educate voters too.

This therefore will call for a virtual campaign office which would accord visitors the same opportunities online just as they will have if they walked into any physical campaign headquarter. In order to enhance inclusivity it would also be important to let the visitors decide on how they want to participate in the campaigns (Romano, 2010). Then it would be utterly important to create a database of emails from the party supporters, these emails will be invaluable in mobilizing for funds, votes, and volunteering in any aspect of the voting process. These emails would also be used to engage with the owner in terms of giving them the update of what the campaign has been up to which would also have the effect of showing them how serious the party is in wining the election.

Still with the internet the party will also be able to start creating online outreach which will also mobilize support for the party tremendously. This online outreach will involve printing of campaign website on literature, chum, and press releases to name but a few. It would also be easier to conduct online advertising, which are smarter than the normal one, and which coupled with the normal advertising, will go along way in wining supporters.  Lastly, the party can use the so called online-in comment, forum, and blog, or what is now commonly referred to has ‘listen’ to reach to as many supporter s as possible (Gardiner, 2010).  


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