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According to John (1959) political cartoons are visual aids used to pass across political messages to a targeted population. He specifically points out that cartoons are vital part of visual expression where Politicians try to capture and convince their audience. It acts as a tool to disseminated political agenda to the community. Often political Cartoons are found on the editorial pages of newspapers and magazines, sometimes they are also available in comics sections and visual aids like: the British artist Banksy, which produces art works which are arguably political cartoons on walls, streets, and buildings around the world.

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In reference to James (1918) argument, Political cartoons are a tricky and they involve a lot of art based on political overtone; he makes it clear that, artists do not work in a vacuum thus Cartoons themselves are a bit nebulous, he points out that the term cartoon can refer to a simple single panel or a visual aid illustration or a continuous logical series of strips which pass across special political message. He argues that, political cartoons are simple lines of drawings, with a humorous edge, which may be captioned or left untitled, depending on the interest of the artist. Political Cartoons are designed complicated and sometimes need guidance of interpreter to be understood.

Simon (1953) explains that cartoons are used often to address public matters  that are questionable, they can be used to praise or critique  or just pass information related to anything that speech writers, artists, spin doctors and press secretaries do to avoid it been seen in the eyes of the world. Some of the leaders who practiced cartooning are like Jackson, Lincoln and Roosevelt. Some leaders like Kennedy had joined energetically by looking, phrase making as he quoted one is not supposed to ask what your country can do for you and political crises. It's noted that the worst leaders are those who have brought their country to point of precipice though without personal style. If such leaders were not enough graceless in appearance or were fruitful at keeping dubious confidants behind the curtain, they are found to have maintained the correct mode of inactive leadership where by this deficit never became a lampoon able trait. Corruption which is massive does not reflect a positive image than cruel expansionism of gained one of McKinley.

Simon (1953) gives an example of how cartoon were used by some of the outstanding world leaders to depict what happed when a leader died while in power. Cartoons still recall their favorite objectives, when this moved on from the state to their memoirs. Due to the art work of newspapers, it was found that John Wilkes finally abetted Lincoln's rise to the level of public representation. Another episode Teddy Roosevelt and Nixon, the office encountered little of cartooning at tension.  In addition to this, the cancer illness for Reagan and his assassination attempt discouraged cartoons from going after his shoe black hair. In addition, he points out that, the major goal of a political cartoon is to send a clear meaningful information by use of images which are familiar to all people of the community.

James(1918) explains that in reflection of any article cartoons make use comic books and comic strips which they regarded as serous artistic and cultural production. Some states in the world comics are considered to be an undemanding where by some citizens within the same state find comics as a site where words and images intersect. Words and images reflect differently in the human race of representation, presentation and even symbols. Some people have problems with words and images where by some say it's old and venerable as well as new and hot. The relation between words and images in communication pose some problem

According to John (1959) analysis of political cartoons has established that, cartoons are potential to the point that it generates change by freeing the thought, changing the intellect and conflicting with change.  In addition they reflect the major problems on internal problems of a state and even the politicians. Though they detail a lot in their presentation, a failure of exploiting every detail from politically or morally scandalous situations for synthetic commentary but have delineate coercion to the areas of occurrence. In other situations of proving what used to happen underground, they reflect and confirm the worst. In these perceptive, cartoonists have won prizes like medals for their output which reflect the most critical issues which could not have been understood though they expose the victim to the public.


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