Free Political Satire's Influence Essay Sample

Politics has always been a grave topic that only little of the society gets involve with it. It is so serious that most of the youth and women turn their backs from politics. But with the use of political satire, satirists were able to get the society engage with politics. It has attracted the interest of both the young and old, men and women, towards politics and makes them involve in it.

I choose this topic because I believe that awareness of what is happening in our society, particularly in politics, through the use of political satire, we will be more responsible citizens and we will understand more how does this trick affects the mentality and attitude of a person towards politics. My research argues that “political satire in the 21st century has a higher impact on the public opinion than a revealing newspaper article through creating humor and simplicity.”

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The use of satire in politics eases the tension and makes politics more enjoyable and fun. The images attract viewers instantly because they are easily recognizable and humorous. This is placed mostly in editorial columns and is referred to as editorial cartoons because the message it expresses reflects the artist’s views too.

Political satire is valued for the way it gives its message strongly while at the same time remains light and attractive. This is the reason why people are attracted to it and further act and get involved with politics. This is also how political satire affects the attitude and mentality of a person towards politics. One example is the insurgency in France which was ignited by the atmosphere of vehemence and mockery created by satire.

On the other hand, satire does not intend to harm although it ridicules. Its purpose is to generate awareness in the society. Political satire is able to give its readers a view of what the future may bring them and at the same time, reflects the true political situation of governments. The real political issue is being addressed in a way it would bring fun relief in the political field. And the awareness it brings drives the viewers to act upon it.

Political satire also serves as a means for community outreach by exerting an influence that connects the paper to the reader and in turn, generate political discussions with its readers. These illustrations also create or brand images of political leaders and parties which affect the decision of the voters. The images are often exaggerated so it will be humorous and at the same time informative. The branding can be positive or negative. And surely these images affect the decision of the voters. And so therefore, these political images determine the failure or success of the politicians that’s why it cannot be taken for granted.

Even reality TV-shows are also satirical in a way that they criticize the behavior of the youth by their created friendships and relationships that are created for the sake of drama. The satirical element is integrated into the shows either intentionally or unintentionally and it criticizes the behaviors of the youth.

In conclusion, we can clearly see how does political satire affects the society and make political accomplishments by the effects it brings to the mentality and attitude towards politics of the viewers. While it entertains its viewers, it also informs them of what is at hand and gives them a clue of what is going to happen in the future and thus resulting its readers to act according to their impulses generated by the mentality and attitude they obtained from the satirical images. This effect is hardly accomplished by a revealing newspaper article because in the first hand, a long narrative would not interest a wide range of readers and more, only a few would read the whole article and to get the whole message


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