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The urban population is thought to benefit most from the government. This is because they happen to be close to the source of information which is deemed vital with regard to the available opportunities. In the same line, the learned group of persons seems to be impacted most with the benefits they receive, as they are in a good position to turn the important information they received into noble venture.

Dr. Hatchings basing on the statement made by Rousseau “Man is free yet everywhere is in chain” argues that despite the growing adventurous nature of man in many areas, there is still a limitation to the extent this can be achieved. He maintains his passion on personal liberty stating it as the only factor that strongly supports the human pursuit for fulfillment.

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The American government has changed with regard to the constitution. Here, the voting laws as predicted by the founding fathers were modified. This follows the 26th amendment that was passed in the year i971. In addition, the definitions of the individual rights and community’s responsibilities have undergone considerable changes. This follows various agitations by the various public groupings.

Political efficacy has been on the decline due to insensitivity and corruption that has marred the politicians. In the recent years, political positions have been converted into business. A person gets to that position with the sole objective of protecting his/her self-interests instead of that of the constituents. As such, citizens end up losing faith in the government thanks to disillusionment. 

The natural rights theory advocates for rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In his argument, Jefferson insists that all men are equal, and thus everyone deserves the chance to live. As such, it is unacceptable for a person to take away the life of someone else. This particular right asserts for the security of the human life from all forces, natural or manmade, that endanger one’s self-preservation. He further calls for freedom of every citizen basing on the right to liberty.


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