Free Politics and Correctional Justice System Essay Sample

Politics is a process through which the allocation or distribution of resources is done. Politics essentially determines who gets what, when and the manner in which it will be acquired. Considerations of politics are crucial although they have proved to be derailing the processes and procedures of the correctional justice system. Therefore, politics play a very imperative role in the establishing and executing the functions of the justice system. Firstly, the selection of decision makers is influenced by politics. They people in the decision making seat of the justice system can either be appointed or elected. Therefore, allies of political parties apparently will get positions in the justice system. Most of the appointments in the justice system are based on political matters.

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Moreover, the justice system is shaped by the political system. Lawmaking politics involves the making of laws by legislatures. These are laws that are executed by the judges in the courts. Politics has a very big contribution in this. Again, whilst politics may not necessarily have any direct consequence on the routine, the decisions that the patrol police officers and the culture of politics in a particular community is a major determinant of the way the law will be enforced. The kind of government therefore determines the level at which departments of police are likely to be affected by politics.

During prosecution, politics play a very central role. The prosecutors having been elected through political affiliations are likely to deviate from what is expected of them. The office of the prosecutor has been used as a stepping stone to higher offices in politics. Decision making in the justice system has been greatly affected by pressure of politics while the correction officials make a consideration of politics while executing their duties. Generally politics have paralyzed the operations of the judicial system and derails the process of attaining justice.


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