Free Rate of HIV/AIDS Infections Essay Sample

CDC reports suggest that about 1.2 million United States (US) citizens are living with HIV/AIDS infection. Similarly, about 20% of the victims are not aware of the of the HIV/AID status. Although the high numbers of the United States residents are infected, the total number of the yearly cases of new infection has maintained it stability in recent years. However, such new infections progress at far with more new infection cases of nearly 50,000 Americans being reported each year.

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Diagnosis of HIV/AIDS infection by transmission category reports shows the male-to-male sexual contacts accounts  for the highest percentage of transmission mechanism followed by heterosexual contact as well as other means, and finally infection by drug use among adolescents and adults. Based on gender/ethnicity/race category black Americans and whites had the leading cases.

The annual HIV/AID surveillance US report gives an overview in the current rates of HIV/AIDS infections.  Reports indicates that the on the basis of ethnic/racial category, blacks are the most affected group.

They account for the half of the HIV/aid victims of the disease in the United States population. Statistics indicates that only one black American man out of 16 will receive HIV/AIDS diagnosis, and for women one out of 30 black women. The rate of infection for African American is approximately six times higher than that men percentage. The rate of HIV/AIDS infections among the women is about 15 times
higher than that of white American and around four times compared to Hispanic women.

Between 2006 and 2009, HIV diagnosis among black Americans increased by 12%, as a result increased earlier diagnosis and testing. While among the Hispanic increased to about 13%. the rate of infection among the Latino men is twice that of  white men and new infection rate among Hispanic women is  four times high than of white women.


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