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Social security is mostly a social security program providing social protection, or security against socially recognized conditions including poverty, old age, disability, unemployment and others. It may also refer provision of income, social protection and government services. In the American society, social security is termed as the federal old-age-and disability insurance program (Baker and Weisbrot 2001). The programs given in American society include Federal Old-Age, survivors, unemployment benefits, supplemental security income, disability insurance and many others. The program is abbreviated OASDI (Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance) or RSDI (Retirement, Survivors, and Disability Insurance).

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 Social security is one of the governmental fiscal burdens and represents a sensitive social, economic and political issue in the American society. However, plan implementation to save social security is the principal legal frame work consideration existing in the American society as indicated in the discussions below; the economic concerns during the regime of Franklin Roosevelt were a serious concern over the impact that the reserves created in the economy. The government caused recession tied to the abrupt decrease in government spending power and billion that was collected in social security taxes.  Therefore, the implementation of policies to save social security is vital as it will help the beneficiaries to receive benefits on the pay-as-you-go system. The creation of Social Security Trust Fund is one of the implementation that should be included in the plan. This will help in managing trustee funds and the money would be invested in marketable and unmarketable securities.

The fundamental tax reform is an issue that should be raised.  Addressing the tax code complexion is the radical plan included in congress to extend the Bush tax cuts. This is to allow small-scale business to take equal deduction of tax of their income. The American society should engage more than ever on how the congress conducts its business. Immediate implementation plan to halt out of control discretionary spending is a fundamental act reforms that enable appropriate bills to be considered under an open amendment process.

Social protest, as a plan is, indispensable because it is seen as a force for restructuring production creating institutional innovation in unequal societies. Social protests encourage change of correlation forces and increase the bargaining power of certain social actors. The Latin America is undergoing the unrest inevitable and social protest in order to create a plan for saving their social security. The social protest is created as a form of positioning responsible changes especially when a certain social class of people or institution arrangement is abandoned. Social mobilization is a plan that is channeled through agreements based on responsible ethics that make it achievable for the government to make innovative institutional arrangements. The structural reforms are crucial because they enable equal distribution of social benefits. Latin America faced a lot of social demands that led to structural reforms that aimed at political and economic liberalization.

The progressive human rights-based approach to the development plan should be designed. Designing public policies in the American society establishes a fair rile that enable the society to access to international markets. It is necessary to get past the development idea that individuals and the struggle against hunger are kindness act on the authority part. Human rights plan should be taken into consideration although human rights have been affected due to political spheres. It is worthy emphasizing that equal status was accorded in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to various Cultural, Social and Economic Rights. This became the American basis for International Pact on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (Gordillo 2004). The Pact focused on State obligations that guaranteed the food rights. This helped people to have physical and financial access to adequate food at all times.

Decentralization and regional disparities are beneficial in maintaining proper social security benefits. Decentralizing reforms is affair scientific understanding of institutional arrangements needed to underpin effective, decentralized administrations.  Empirical evidence shows that administrative, fiscal or political decentralization can facilitate the collective emergence action of intuitions. Decentralization helps to solve the pressing problems of social security that is caused either by political, social or economic issues. In any building process of institution, the right mixture of national and local action is required. Decentralization is essential plan because it is a mechanism that strengthens the design of social participation and public policy implementations. These, therefore, help to avoid isolated individuals and measures that might dislocate the actions of government thus placing decentralization within the regional development policy framework (Gordillo 2004).

Changing the corporate governance perceptions in the society is one way of creating a plan to improve on social security. The relationships among the governance system participants affect the corporate governance. Controlling shareholders such as individuals, bloc alliances, family holdings or corporate companies can significantly influence the behavior of corporate governance. Institutional investors increase demanding corporate governance in global financial markets as owners of equity. The majority of these investors could be pension investors representing employees’ interests to employee share ownership plans, or institutions of finance that constitutes the external powerful elements of corporate governance. Proper corporate management will contribute to investment returns, and creditors plan an essential role in some government systems (International Labour Organization 2001).


Major programs in American society such as Civil Rights Action Plan, Economic Opportunity Action Plan and Social Security Action Plans have immensely benefited the society. The introduction of the New Deal substantially restored the economies’ recession, which benefited, every one. The government should create a plan in the future congress to address on the issue of tax reform and consider the distribution of equal rights to all parts of the society.


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