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Media is the body that collects process and displays it to the general public. This body is aimed at making the world aware of the daily happenings. The media collects all sorts' information regardless of the field or the position of a position of a particular place. This has made them display even those occurrences pegged on politics. There are various political incidences that tend to happen daily and all these incidences tend to occur due to ideological differences. In politics, people tend to disagree especially by various decisions made by the government. The media contribute largely in bring information to the public. This is so because they are the only ones who can link the government to the public as it displays information to the public concerning certain government decisions. There are various places in a country of which without media they cannot get or know some of the daily government decisions. Those who rule and are involved in the governing committee of a country or a state are known as politicians. The politicians in this case are the ones make decisions for the government.

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Many politicians are always elected by the general public and this only depends on the people's notion on who to elect. Various politicians are chosen or elected due to their own characters as the states in which they represent are always assured of help. The government involves a lot of duties that are allocated to each and every politician. These allocations are so because one person cannot be able to run the government as he or she cannot successfully meet some of the job requirements. Not all politicians can perform their jobs to perfection hence making this game of politics to be divides into two parts or sub-sections due to the difference in opinion. Without this sub-division, a government or state cannot run successfully as there will be no one to correct their fellows. These ideological differences give the media a hard time especially when it comes to displaying information to the public (McChesney, 2000).

Information passed by the media is always of great importance and also help in the ruling of the state. The media as basic informants are recognized by the government as it through this that the government speaks to its people. This body also allows for transparency in ruling and ensures that there is always justice in any activity carried out in the government. The person also gets some of the special briefings from this body hence gives their opinion concerning certain government issues. The media has always been successful for the last five years though there are certain problems that tend to make a drawback in their job. These problems only emerge in one field that is politics. Politics is one of the big problems that face media as a group.

There are certain problems that arise as a result of politics within the government organ. Some of these problems are extreme such that they even affect the general public. These problems are based on the speeches and decisions made by certain politicians regarding their own wishes and objectives. The politicians in the present world lack language etiquette as they involve in delivery of certain speeches that tend to be poisonous to both the general public and the state itself. Some of the speeches are also aimed at finishing some of their fellow politicians politically. This give the media a hard time as it is always their duties to pass information to the people but due to the poisoning speeches delivered by some politicians, they ignore this responsibility with the aim of protecting the national image. This information is not to be passed to the general public because of the poisoning nature they have. When such information is passed to the public, they begin to have a negative attitude toward the government.  The media has been trying to find more genuine ways of dealing with such situations that made them to ignore some of the information to protect and safeguard the respect held for the government by the public. When such information is passes to the ears of the public, it can result to many things of which some of them can cause a huge loss and complications. The information is therefore ignored and only those with good motives are passed to the people (Keane, 2001).

Years back, some of the government problems were discussed and solved in certain places or rooms that were considered to be private and confidential. This method was implemented or established to prevent the government image in the face of the public. During those days, people had a positive attitude towards the government as governing organ. All government dealing and political differences were solved behind the scenes. This method of problem solving was considered biases and unfair as there were claims that it violated some of the rights other public or residents. The public are also believed to be part and parcel of the government and should also participate and contribute to the government affairs no matter hoe difficult or confidential they may appear to be. This claim therefore called for an increase in the number or organs within the state. These organs were to help in problem solving in a way that the public could also contribute and give their own judgments. The problems linked to the government are nowadays solved publicly to protect the rights of the public for without democracy will have been inactive hence leading to a dictatorial kind of government. The information therefore exposed to the media in respect for public opinion (Altschull, 2005).

The media were also forced to make an improvement or expansion in their duties or work the media were forced to add a sub-sector within their organizations that can help in protecting public image. These sections had to edit any kind of information collected and to determine whether the information collected was good for display or not. This is one of the things that the media had to do to escape the complains by the public. The media is a body that holds and controls the opinion of the people for any slight mistake made by them in the process of displaying information, can cause a great harm and loss to the government. The media have succeed in there plan due to the body they added to deal with the editing of information.

There are many ways in which media and politics associate in today's world and these depend or the agreement and good coordination between the governments and media. It is the work of the politicians to enhance good and proper coordination with the media group to help in curbing all these problems. The current coordination is good and the media are trying their best in ensuring peace and unity is enhancing within the government or state. Words or speeches are nowadays edited and only those that are genuine and can help the state, are displayed. Though the coordination is good between media and politics, there are still some minor problems encountered. The media protect and hide some of the information to the people to make them feel and have a positive attitude towards the government. The media is considered part of the government and should therefore protect the image of the government. The government in this case has a meaning to the political affairs carried out. The coordination between the media and politics can therefore be considered good because the media only plays its role that in turn helps the public know the daily happenings.


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