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For a long period in America history, there have been issues of racial inequalities. This has been attributed by the fact that the American societies are largely structured by deep racial disparities and structural inequality.  The issue of racism takes various forms, therefore, it is important to understand these forms and then analyze whether, these issues have been effectively addressed through the policies which the Obama administration have put in place. These policies and programs have given the conservatives the ground to manipulates racial angers unmolested and unchecked (Wise 12). The big question is, has Americans attained racial equality?

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Many can argue that with the election of the African-America President, the issue of racism has long been tackled but, there is more to fully attaining this as argued by Wise (2010). It is argued that giving a color blind to the issues of racism, and ensuring equal treatment for all, and that “colorblind” policy and programs, would be the best way forward for the nation. This is not the case since the underlying issues of racism can not be solved through ignoring them but to openly confront them. The best way forward is to become more conscious of race and its impact on equal opportunities.

Wise is a regarded as a writer who is the best and courageous who has publicly voiced racial inequality. This is because he tackles these issues of racism head-on. He has tackled head-on the resurgence and absurdity of post-racial liberalism in a world still largely structured by deep racial disparity and structural inequality. According to Tricia Rose, Wise has shown with passion and sharp, accessible, insightful analysis on how this imagined world of post-racial framing and policy could not lead the nation to where they intended to go since it is actually stymies the nations progress towards racial unity and inequality (Premiere Radio Networks 33).

Through the work of Wise (2010), many Americans have come to open their eyes on the practical solutions to this problem of racism and now they can recognize the differences and transcend them. There are many disparities in employment, education, and housing and healthcare, this has highlighted further that racism is still an acute problem in the nation and colorblind policies actually have worsen the problem of racial justice. Measures should be taken to curb racism in these areas since they are the areas where racism is mainly practiced.

Until the Americans and the rest of the world have a color-consciousness, the issue of racism will never be solved or eradicated from the societies. Through a color-conscious, people will start treating others from different races equally and having that sense of brotherhood. This will lead to affirmative actions, which will give the smaller groups access to the facilities which can make them equal to the dominant group like education and employment. If these minority groups get access to educational facilities, they will be able to work in any place and have the same competing advantage like the dominant group (Hochstadt 16). This could lead to all having equal opportunities in any sector, as this has been a hindrance to this minority groups.

Employment opportunities should be given on grounds of one’s academic background and not on racial bases. This will make all the concerned parties to have a sense of equality. The working environment should also be conducive to all employees and issues of races be eliminates from such areas. The health system is another area which has brought a lot of controversy in terms of racial discrimination. The health systems in America are biased in the way medical procedures and treatment are prescribed for different ethnic groups. This is best seen where black Americans get less health care then their white counterparts especially where it involves expensive new technologies.

Racism is a culture which has been passed on from generation to generation, to avoid this trend to continue n the future, children from all races should be encouraged to associate with each other from early stages like going to the same recreational areas and attending to the same schools and having friends from across the races. This will create a bond of brotherhood and they will grow knowing that all people are the same no matter what their background is.

The government should ensure that there are no institutions or social areas specifically made for certain group or race. All the institutions and social areas should be for the people of America and all are free to associate with each other. This will eliminate the sense of discrimination of others on such grounds of not belonging to certain group or race. Through social gatherings, the sense of belonging and relationships are created. If all people form all races are encouraged to have a joint social meetings, they will develop a sense of brotherhood and this issue of race discrimination will be eliminated to some extend if not totally eliminated.

For racism to be curbed, Wise (2010) argues that racism should not be given a blind eye as the colorblind policy and programs tend to make people to think but to air out the root issues of racism through color-consciousness in the society.  This will lead to “illuminated individualism” that is one acknowledging the diverse identities that have shaped his perceptions and the role that race has continued to play in the maintenance of disparities between the blacks and whites in the United States.

The judicial system should be strict enough to cases of racism and such cases should be publicized. This will sensitize others who still discriminate or discriminated about their rights and the consequences of abusing such rights. This will make it possible for minority people to have confidence in the judicial system and will trust the system to deal with their cases if they report them.

The issue of racism is a delicate matter and it will go along way before the issue will be well understood and necessary measures being taken to curb the discrimination. Since this is a case involving the whites and the colored people, it will be hard to eliminate the menace as any normal conflict between the white and colored people will amount to racial discrimination though this is not the case since even the blacks themselves have conflicts but they do not count that as a racial discrimination.

In conclusion, it is clear that the issue of racism has not been effectively tackled and the practice of discrimination is still being practiced by the dominant group in America. Unless this discrimination is fully eliminated, America will not have fully attained the independency from racial inequality. A color-conscious approach should be virtue to every American citizen in order to curb this issue of racial discrimination and this will lead to the country achieving racial equality since every citizen will be treating other citizens like brothers and sisters. Until the color-conscious approach is internalized by all the American citizens, the country will not be liberated from racism fully.

The issue of colorblind approach is not enough to help eradicate the issue of racial discrimination and therefore, the government should look for better approaches which can help in eliminating this issue. The approach to be employed should involve all the concerned parties, the young and the older generations (Nevins 5).


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