Free US under President Richard Milhous Nixon Essay Sample

President Nixon’s presidency was marked by a strong foreign relation. This was evident through his efforts to restore peace in Vietnam. Nixon approved of bombing of North Vietnamese in Cambodia in an effort  destroy the National Front for Liberation of Vietnam (NFLV), marked the greatest US commitment to end the Vietnam war . Subsequently, Nixon proposed the removal of troops from Vietnam (Melanson 8). Through a process facilitated by the US military, North and South Vietnam were reunited in 1975. The first term of President Nixon was marked by the reestablishment of US relations with China and Soviet Union. Further, President Nixon was involved in peace building process in Pakistan, India, Israel and Vietnam. These are indications that Nixon’s foreign policy was largely based on maintenance of strong relations with Asia and European Countries (Melanson 45).   

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The invitation of the United States table tennis team to China marked the onset travel relation between the two countries as announced by President Richard M Nixon in 1971. On the same year, Nixon sent his advisor Henry Kissinger to Beijing to hold a meeting with Premier Zhou which opened the US-China in a bid to strengthen the then dented relationships. In early 1972, President Nixon visited China and became the first US president to establish diplomatic relations with China. During Nixon’s visit, it was established that the two nations would work together towards normalizing their relations.  This was issued by the Shanghai Communique that marked the beginning of an era of US-China relations. A visit to the United States by the Chinese Vice President Deng Xiaoping on February 1979 reemphasized the need for a strong relation between the two countries (Nelson et al. 37). In solidarity with China’s efforts, the US Congress approved the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA) of 1979 which facilitated the opening of an American Institute in Taiwan.  The establishment of China-Us military marked the peak of the relations between these two countries. As the relationship between the two countries developed even more, the US government agreed to stop it arms deal with Taiwan.  Under Nixon’s presidency the poor relations experienced between US and China since world war one was immensely reestablished (Nelson et al. 56).

After the establishment of US china relations, Nixon travelled to Moscow to meet with Soviet Leader Leonid Brezhnev to discuss international issues.  The issues discussed by the two leaders touched on trade and arms control in the two countries. This was marked by the signing of two major treaties aimed at stopping Soviet Union from manufacturing ballistic missiles and US arms deals with European countries such as Iran (Duncan 54). Nixon and his counterpart from Soviet Union agreed to start a new cooperation between the two countries that would end the hostility experienced during the cold war. Having developed a strong relation with the Soviet Union, Nixon revisited Moscow in 1974. This time, a colorful ceremony marked by crowds on the streets was prepared for Nixon’s arrival by the Soviet Union. During the visit, more international matters were discussed including the formation of a mutual defense park. Generally, Nixon’s presidency marked the establishment of US Russia ties (Duncan 34). 


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