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The issue of Weapons of Mass Destruction is no doubt one of the major concerns in the world currently especially to the world superpowers in their bid to achieve peace and a nuclear free universe. The hot bed of the issue lying in the Middle East, many nations in the west are doing their best to persuade the countries that are engaging in nuclear productions to stop. Israel being a very huge ally to the west has also joined in the advocacy to help stop these countries. Many tactics have been used to try and stop these nations such as Iran but so far they have failed. Dr. Hans Blix having the experience in the spheres of diplomacy and also as at one time the chair of Weapons of Mass destruction Commission, proposed a very viable solution or rather the way forward in this issue. I agree with his proposals as all other avenues have been tried out with little success.

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On many occasions, the west represented by the United States have tried coercing Iran out of the nuclear enrichment program but has failed thus underlining the fact that force would not work if this objective was to be achieved. Dr. Blix points out that even if Iran was forced now to abandon the nuclear production but continue with the enrichment, they could change their mind anytime and come back stronger with the enrichment. With all forceful avenues exhausted, the clearest option here at this time is the direct talks that President Obama has initiated as opposed to the other tactics that Bush employed in the previous regime. There are no assurances that a deal will be struck but the idea of holding direct talks with Iran alone is a step in the right direction. It is not even guaranteed that they will agree to come to the negotiation table of the direct talks but it is worth trying.

For a long time, making the suspension of enrichment program a prerequisite for the talks really held back the negotiations and much time was wasted but better late than never as the direct talks have been initiated by President Obama to try and make Iran abandon their nuclear engagements. It took time for the west, especially the United states to realize that military measures or economic sanctions would have detrimental effects to the negotiations, the majority civilians in Iran are opposed to the current Ahmadinejad's regime thus punishing them along with their leadership by imposing sanctions on them and engaging the nation militarily might lead them to begin to support the government, something the Iran government really need. This way, the fight against the Weapons of Mass Destruction will have lost the public will in Middle East as was witnessed and is still being felt in the war in Iraq. The west cannot risk repeating the mistake they did in Iraq.

The way forward now is assuring Iran that there will be no military options and economic sanctions so that they can begin to trust the talks.  Iran being the first alongside Egypt to take an initiative of a nuclear-weapon free zone many years ago in the Middle East, it is interesting to note that they are now at the center of it all. What then might have gone wrong, hatred towards the west, genuine production of civil nuclear power, protection against aggression by powerful countries, whatever it is; it might be all neutralized by a very careful approach to the direct talks that will involve no preconditions. It is a fact that more countries in the middle east will be trying out nuclear energy activities just as an insurance policy for future threat by other nations thus making the talks even trickier, hence the most workable solution in this problem is for the countries like Israel to either abandon or prove that their nuclear production is not to intimidate their neighbors.

Israel proved this when they attacked Iraq's Osirak reactor thus it is very hard to trust them in this talks, they even went as far as invading Syrian installations that they believed were designed for North Korea for nuclear research.

These direct negotiations therefore should be working towards seeking nuclear disarmament for all and not just the budding nuclear producers. This includes United States and Israel.  The United Nation's Security Council made resolutions to make Iran suspend the enrichment program but as mentioned earlier, these conditions would not work as Iran defied the resolutions and this made them stronger in the sense that they were bold enough to risk the potemtial consequences. President Obama realizing these has extended a hand to Iran to join the negotiation table in order to come to an agreement in stopping the nuclear activities. The countries in the west that are still courting the idea of increasing sanctions should not be allowed to do so because these sanctions have just heightened tensions between Iran and these countries of the west thus prompting Iran to even be more enthusiastic in the enriching program of nuclear material. This is presumably to be able to have an insurance policy just in case a nation tries to invade it or interfere with its nuclear facilities.

Recently Iran refusing to discuss its enrichment program in recent Geneva talks was probably because they understand well and explore the agreements of Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty of which it is a signatory. The treaty allows signatories to enrich uranium for civil nuclear energy but with International Atomic Energy Agency monitoring closely. President Ahmadinejad reiterated that they do not need nuclear weapons, all they want is nuclear energy thus bringing to the fore the possibility of paranoia towards Iran's nuclear activities.

This approach is already coming to fruition because non-proliferation and disarmament for all nuclear nations are now in the agenda of the United Nations Security Council. Dr. Blix is very right in his proposals for a more inclusive but bolder approach to these negotiations. This approach is vital because the forceful avenues employed by the west earlier on failed miserably thus wasting precious time that could have brought about a solution and halted the nuclear activities not only in middle east but also in all the countries harboring the idea of nuclear production. This is the surest way to achieve a world free of Weapons of Mass Destruction.


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