Free Youth Exchange Program Essay Sample

President Myung-Bak of the "Republic of Korea" visited the US in 2008 after the request from Bush. The two leaders had a summit that culminated into a joint statement on April 20, 2008 addressing diverse issues, among them, the youth. They acknowledged the role of "youth exchange and networking programs" in building mutual relations. Besides looking at ideas on increasing collaboration in the academic and human exchange, they agreed to set up means of enhancing such procedures.

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In order to contribute to the realization of this program goal, I will champion the following ideologies. First, I will develop ideas for cultural exchange. As observed by various scholars, cultural fairs and youth swaps where youths act together and learn each other's cultures contribute to stronger bilateral relations. Through participating in sports together, youths enhance mutual ties of their countries. It is worth reiterating that, organizing a sequence of meetings by the youths from both sides allows them to understand one another deeply other than their first glimpses.  This is vital in ensuring better relations. Most students study foreign languages for this reason. Initiating projects where youths under the exchange program work together is necessary. This is because, youth's participation ensures they learn varied skills, transfer knowledge, develop associations and stronger ties as most of them discuss their experience. I feel that youths can also foster relations through bilateral trade, where they would trade different items. I will ensure that the youths are accorded a warm reception. In addition, I will ensure that, in the course of their visitations, I will exude hospitality.  

Today, it is a common thing to see several foreign youths traverse different parts of the country. The newly agreed exchange and networking program fuels this. Cultural exchanges, sports, barter trade, and study of foreign languages among others contribute to enhanced cooperative relationships between Korea and the United States.


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