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Free Adler versus Freud Essay Sample

Q1 Adler's theory of individuality though claimed to be different from Freudian psychoanalysis has some influences in its basic principles from Freud's Psychoanalytic theory. Just like the Psychoanalytic theory, Adler is also interested in the import of physical symptoms of the person which are not brought about by physical causes. Adler just like Freud also believed that unconscious mental causes had a significant effect on the development of the personality and also on one's general behavior (Handlbauer, 1998).

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The Adlerian belief concerning the mind is also significantly similar to the Freudian concept. Both Freud and Adler believed that in the psychodynamic conflict in which different mind parts are in a constant and continual struggle against each other. Adler acknowledged just like Freud that emotional motivation is a key ingredient in the formation of personality. The last but important influence of Freudian Psychology over Adler is the belief of the personality being modeled by experiences over time, particularly in the course of childhood.

Q2 Adler's view of psychology differed from Freud's psychoanalysis in several major components. The most significant difference between psychoanalysis and Individual Psychology was Adler's belief in the indivisibility or wholeness of the human being. The human being must not be viewed in terms of a sum of dynamic parts, drives or mechanisms but rather as self determined. Adler said that experiences do not determine success or failure but rather how the person reacts to the experience. This is as opposed to Freud who put a lot of emphasis on negative experiences on the personality. While Freud's focus was on the analysis of dreams and diverse theoretical notions, Adler was more interested in the influence of social relations and behavior on the personality.

For Adler the consciousness and building of social relationships through the creation of relationships with fellow humans is what ultimately leads to happiness and the improvement of the mental health of the person (Morgan, 2010). The last but most important difference between Adler and Freudian psychology concerned the motivation for behavior. While Adler believed that inferiority complex and living a life of compensation was the greatest motivator of behavior, Freud on the other hand believed that aggression and sex were the motivation of all behavior.


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