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Ageism is a term used to describe the act of denial to access a right due to an age factor. It happens to people through societal attitudes or institutional structures that assign duties to people (Todd, 2002). It is due to occur to any human being at some point in their life, since humans are prone to gaining age with time. The old in society are most affected, followed by the very young people. Youth pass through the adolescent phase, which places them in a group that excludes them from being children as well as adults. This is confusing to the young men since society expects them to no longer behave like children, but it also does not treat them as adults. On the other hand, people view the old people in society as incompetent, helpless and impotent in production of outputs in company procedures. People are subjected to ageism by others or themselves, which causes low self-esteem to the person in question.

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One of the common cases of age discrimination is the O’Connor vs. Consolidated Coin Caterers. It argues that the plaintiff suffered loss of his job so as to be replaced by a younger worker. He received an order of a summary judgment on the defendant’s motion by the District court when he filled a charge against consolidated coin caterers, his employer. The court directed him to prove that he had a replacement by a person out of the protected class of people by using the Mc Donnell Douglas framework. The protected class of people constituted those who were forty years of age and older. He was to prove the connection between the prior action and age discrimination. There was no evidence of the required connection, hence the ADEA did not intend on discrimination since she got a replacement from a person in the protected class. The prima facie case based its connection on discrimination under little evidence, thus it was not viable.

Age discrimination occurs in all classes of society, especially in developing nations.


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