Free Altruism and Acts of Kindness Essay Sample

Altruism is a situation where individuals offer concern for the needs and well-being of others. It is the act of selfless service to others without expecting any rewards or benefits. Individuals are motivated to do good acts towards any person irrespective of their relationship. Altruism focuses on ethics and good virtues that ensure that we benefit others. Individuals are usually very willing to sacrifice their time for the sake of others. Altruism is the opposite of egoism and selfishness where individuals are only concerned with matters that promote personal gain. This doctrine focuses on ensuring that other people are happy at all times. Over the years, altruism has become a very important subject especially for psychology that offers a different perspective on the subject.

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Psychologists explain that altruism evolves as long as the costs involved are reducing. Acts of kindness are important for all individuals to engage in for the benefit of others. I had engaged in several acts of kindness; the one that gave me the most pleasure was when I helped in the donation of funds for breast cancer patients. It all started when one fine winter my friend lost her mother to cancer. Her mother had been hospitalized on various different occasions due to breast cancer, and the treatments had taken a toll on her. My friend went through a very difficult time and I made a point of spending every minute I could with her. When her mother passed away, we decided with a friend to offer donations and voluntary services to breast cancer patients.

Altruism has different roles in the lifestyle of various individuals. Altruism offers different motivations to people to engage in good actions. Altruism promotes efficient corporate and social responsibility while ensuring that all individuals benefit. It promotes the aspect of giving and offering help to the less privileged. These actions promote the growth and development of a community effectively by ensuring that they can solve their own problems. Social and corporate responsibility also focuses on the future problems and the preventive measures.

Altruism also improves personal behavior while promoting professional responsibility while improving the human condition. Individuals are encouraged to engage in proper, professional practices that satisfy clientele needs. This is because altruism promotes the need to care for the needs of humanity while offering viable solutions. Individuals tend to care and love other human beings without expecting to receive any benefits.

Altruism faces certain limitations like the external environment that individuals encounter. Altruism does not occur automatically to individuals but is rather one's socials beliefs and norms. Incentives offered to individuals coupled with their previous experiences also influence the behavior of all individuals. Psychology relates very closely with altruism and the future mainly focuses on evolutionary psychology. This mainly focuses on the traits of an individual such as language, memory, and perception. Currently psychology tries to understand and identify the traits that are likely to evolve.

Psychologists argue that human beings have slowly adapted to their environments psychologically in order to solve problems that recur. Evolutionary psychology stresses on the significance of selective behaviors that encourage altruism to evolve. Inclusive fitness has also played an important role in the evolution of altruism. This is due to natural, kin, and sexual selections that promote success in the reproduction processes. Psychologists further explain that individuals have slowly developed the ability to interpret their deeds as a means for survival.

In conclusion, altruism is a very important doctrine; although individuals face various challenges, people need to emphasize the importance of good behavior. Individuals need to be helpful to others without expecting to benefit. We all need to ensure that we derive pleasure in helping those who are in need. Different principals in psychology relate to altruism. These principles focus on the fact that individuals behave according to the different inputs and outputs. Psychology concentrates on special, sensitive mechanisms that respond to the different inputs; therefore, manifesting behavior. The human brain is also best suited to solve different problems that may come up in order to benefit others.


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