Free Classical Studies in Social Psychology Essay Sample

Introduction: What Is Social Psychology?

This is the scientific study of how people think, behave or think in the presence of others. People behave the way they do because of interactions of the state of mind and immediate surrounding situations.  Social psychology can be broken into several topics.

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1. Attribution: Explaining behavior

This is a method of how we understand the cause of other people’s behavior, including ours too. It explains why people behave the way they do. Attribution   seeks reasons why events happen as they do. Attribution plays a crucial role to understand behavioral changes around us. Biases affects attribution where a person may come to incorrect conclusions to reasons why events happened the way they did. It has a tendency to accuse innocent people of misfortunes that befall them. People also tend to think that one gets what they deserve for the world is just.

2. Conformity

This can also be termed as following the crowd. This is a change in behavior or belief caused by social influence so as to fit in a group. It can also be described as the act of yielding to group pressure. The pressure may be involving the presence of others or pressures of social expectations. Conformity happens when people change their behaviors beliefs or attitudes due to group pressure. It also happens when the influence of other people causes individuals to change their behavior to be accepted by them.

3. Attitudes

This is a learned habit that represents the degree of like or dislike to something. It is the negative or positive view of a place, a thing, or a person. Attitudes affect behavior when expressed repeatedly, when formed through direct experience. An attitude is a positive or a negative evaluation of objects events, activities, ideas, and anything else in the environment (Zimbardo et al., 1999). If behavior conflicts with attitudes, cognitive dissonance may occur. People may change their attitude to please others.


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