Free Discoveries of Psychology Essay Sample

With new discoveries on how people think and act, now companies are able to change and transform the behavior and attitudes of their employees. It has been discovered that employees are likely to change their mindsets if they see a reason to do so, have the skills and see their role models being involved. The implication here is that in that organization if the people believe in its purpose, they will readily change to serve the purpose. But for them to carry out the changes, the people must understand their role in the company's fortunes and made to believe of their importance to play a part to ensure that their contributions are of importance to them as employees. This is because people assimilate information easily if they show others to apply what themselves they have learned. 

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To do all these, there are skills that are needed by the employees to be customer-centric

This is done by giving the employees time as change only happens in steps. It was also found that behavior in an organization is affected by groups with which one identifies to. This means that role models are also judged by the groups that they do associate with. Then the greatest part is to put the approach into practice as this will alter the mindsets and behaviors thus improving performance. It is not easy to positively change a company's performance but altering the employees' behavior by changing their mindsets is the first step to do so. Although tactical moves may not be enough, the company will need to change the way its employees think by creating conditions for achieving change.

With new discoveries on how people think, companies can change the way their employees think for the benefit of their company and try to use it to reap maximum benefits from their employees. Employees will change if they see a reason for that change and by understanding their role in the company's fortunes. By giving them time to change, the skills needed by employees to be customer-eccentric will be acquired. They will copy their role models especially if they with the best groups.


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