Free Gestalt and Reality Therapy Essay Sample

Effective psychotherapy occurs when both the therapist and the client have a positive relationship based on common ideas and viewpoints. Nevertheless, there are incidences that the two parties have conflicting reality view or belong to distinct psychological worlds. Consequently, the psychotherapy may not be effective since the client may become resistant or reject your help. Therefore, the therapist should apply certain methods based on both Gestalt and Reality therapy. First, gestalt theory involves personal responsibility and experiences at the moment. It also deals with the link between the therapist and the client. This therapy also entails social and environmental circumstances and some self-regulating changes made in the whole exercise.

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A therapist can apply certain methods while dealing with a patient with opposing opinions. One of the methods is phenomenological method, which comprises of three rules. These are epoch‚ rule that distinguishes the earlier theories from what is there at the moment. The description rule means instant and observations at the moment. Besides, horizontal rule ensures that there is no hierarchical valuing so that information of experience is divided and prioritized, as it is received. The therapist does not permanently have to show his clinical evaluation of the patient.

The second method applied in gestalt therapy is dialogical relationship. Here the therapist a dialogic environment that includes the client. Then he or she engages the counselee in an open discussion of the situation, without controlling it. In the dialogue, the therapist should accept the client's views within the initial stages of the conversation. Moreover, the therapist can employ the field theoretical strategies. In the therapy, field has two dimensions; ontological and phenomenological. Ontological dimensions involve both mental and physical factors making up an individual. Phenomenological dimensions refer to the physical and environmental factors that make up an individual's dwelling place. Gestalt therapists value character structure awareness, which both ontological and phenomenological dimensions emphasize (Lapworth, 2011).

Additionally, the therapist should apply the experimental freedom technique. This involves the therapist supporting the client's a new experience rather than just talking about its possibility. On the other hand, reality therapy is useful in handling clients who have different reality opinions from those of the therapist. It helps in counseling individuals who are resistant to the therapy. The therapist can apply certain methods in order to be successful in their work (Amis, 2010). One of them is by listening to the client's story and determining how the story is like from the client's point of view. The therapist should get a solution by basing on the client's perspective.

Secondly, the therapist should take into account all the client's activities so as to determine how they would like them to be. This is done by asking the client questions about his activities. Moreover, finding out their feelings, physiology and thoughts are very crucial. Expectedly, the client will focus on the positive activities, but the therapist can help him or her invent ways of making everything possible. Furthermore, the therapist should ask the client about their present conduct. If the client is not satisfied with what he or she is dong, then the therapist should focus on finding out ways of addressing the situation. They can both work out on a solution, for example, by finding alternatives.

Finally, the therapist should focus on helping the client plan the most effective thing to do. This is done by guiding the client to stress on the activities that are within their control. These involve thoughts and actions rather than feelings. Moreover, the therapist should not force them decide on what they cannot do since that will be ineffective (Amis, 2010).
In conclusion, clients normally have different views from those of the therapists. As a result, the therapy attempts fail since the clients may resist any help. However, therapists can apply both gestalt and reality therapy techniques in order to be successful in their work.


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