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Exposure therapy is a technique used to assist people with anxiety disorders to overcome their fears. This is done by exposing them to their fears in a controlled environment and is done to assist them to face their fears so as to overcome them.  This is a useful technique since it mainly focuses on letting the victim relieve a traumatic event so as to show them that they are in control of the situation. Some people get so traumatized by occurrences in their lives that they become so afraid that their lives literally stop. Some of these incidences if left unchecked can lead the victim to become mentally disturbed thus should be accorded all the assistance possible.

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Exposure therapy works by letting the patient face their fear, say of the dark, so they can see that there is nothing in the dark to be afraid of. It may take several sessions to get positive results but the therapy has been proven to have a high response rate on the patients exposed. The stimulators of the fears are identified and the patient is led through the steps which eventually lead to the fear (Trull, 2005).

Some situations that people avoid due to fear or trauma can limit their quality of life. An example is if a person is afraid of flying they cannot travel to take up a new job offer. People have missed out on education opportunities due to their fear of flying. Flying is a real life situation and someone afraid of flying can be put through exposure therapy. They can start by being taken to an airport to meet their fear in close range, and then possibly be taken into a plane and made to sit in the plane. Later on, they can be taken through a flight simulator which will be the closest encounter to being in a real plane. Depending on someone’s progress, she may be free of her fear at the end of the sessions.

Group therapy involves discussion sessions of several clients guided by a professional therapist. The group sits together and with the help of the therapist, each member is asked to talk about whatever is bothering them. It has been noted that people tend to find comfort in realizing that they are not the only ones in a certain situation. A person may feel so down because he does not have a job but when he sits with others who are in similar situation, he can identify with them. This kind of therapy is useful in that it makes people feel like they belong because some situations can lead one to think and feel like the world has turned against them.

One of the most successful examples of group therapy is Alcoholics Anonymous. This is a group based therapy targeting alcoholics and is aimed at making the members cultivate a feeling of belonging. Alcoholism can isolate the alcoholic from the rest of the society thus make the alcoholic feel alone and unwanted. While together, alcoholics can discuss their fears and struggles to stop drinking. Those who have successfully stopped drinking can act as morale boosters to the others. It is important to note that during such sessions, the therapist acts as a moderator. The participants are not forced to talk and share but do it at their own free will.

We all live within communities and we contribute to the development of these communities. Community psychology deals with making the individual take responsibility of their actions since these eventually have an impact on the community as a whole. Drug abuse has been on the rise and if communities embrace the plan to tackle the vice together, they can succeed. Community psychology can assist in tackling drug prevention by creating awareness among all the members on the importance of drug control. Members will thus be responsible and avoid taking drugs when they are well educated on issues concerning drugs.


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