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A group is the coming together of two or more individuals who interact to achieve certain goal which the parties involved deem important (Johnson & Johnson, 2009). I have been part of a creative arts group and a class academic group. I joined the creative arts group because it was an opportunity I had to utilize my talents in the arts. Also, I was assigned a class academic group for the reason of attaining academic excellence through working with others. Achieving artistic and goals needs an individual to have help and different ideas and other perspectives to doing things. Collective effort gives better chances for one to become the best.

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Being part of these groups, we had an interdependent relationship. Our success depended on all of us playing our parts. A mistake from one of us would affect us all. Also, in order for us to have an effective structure of the group, we had to interact well with each other (Johnson & Johnson, 2009). Interpersonal interaction helps us share ideas and solve problems. Every member of the group perceived themselves as important and that strengthened our effectiveness. As a group, we had structured rules that we each had to follow and in the process, we benefitted each other mutually. Our motivation for success made us work harder as a group to be successful.

The academic class group was a traditional group as we were assigned the group and we each accepted our roles in the group. We had different tasks to fulfill like areas of research then came together in the end to combine our information. The creative arts group was an effective group. We each had different specializations and talents which we all chipped in to make our efforts successful. We had to work as a team and combine our different expertise. The best in each area were put in charge to maximize the potential of our group. As a group, it is easier for people to thrive since there is combined effort.


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