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Research and discuss the measures adopted by Google cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin to increase innovation and creativity at the company

Innovation is defined as augmented step forward which transforms old ideas into new ones. Google is amongst the most innovative company in the world. The co-founders (Sergey Brin and Larry Page) exerted much effort in order to ensure that the firm attained its current status. Ever since its formation, new products such as GoogleMaps and GoogleNews have been innovated. Others include GoogleEarth, Gmail and GoogleDocs (Hargadon, 2003).

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There are several measures that have been adopted by the cofounders so as to increase innovation and creativity. First, the cofounders take something which performs well and make it better in an anticipated ways. From its inception, the cofounders have constantly been involved in innovating new products. The cofounders have succeeded to rise past rivalry at a premature phase. They knew extremely well that the act of staying satisfied with their accomplishments could result to their disgrace. As a result, the company has remained dedicated to serving the needs of its clients. Whilst achieving this, it has kept an eye on the future. Second, Sergey and Larry knew extremely well that by paying special attention to 1 thing and performing it well, the company may possibly flourish. Thus, the company has managed to preserve its competitive edge. Last, the cofounders have strived to ensure that the products of the company meet the required standards (Evan, 2010).

Did they consciously focus on encouraging employees to keep an open mind, have a questioning attitude, and generate new ideas?

Google cofounders have constantly encouraged the labor force to keep an open mind and have a questioning attitude. Each and every employee of the company is expected to take part in innovation and creativity including the administrative staff. The employees are given twenty per cent (20%) time so as to track "pet" projects. These projects are normally not linked to their core work. Second, employees are encouraged to embrace failure. Third, they are encouraged to uphold the highest standards of morality. Fourth, Sergey and Larry have continuously been focused on offering an environment in which gifted, industrious employees are remunerated for their input to the success of the company (Chesbrough, 2006).


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