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A product is offered to meet various needs of different customers. The product in consideration here will be milk. Milk can be fresh or can offered as a fermented milk, coagulated, with fat content, in different flavors, pasteurized, without water content or from different livestock like cows, goats or sheep. This will help gather for different types of customers. The milk is made available in early hours of the morning to meet the customer needs and capitalize on the peak market (Wenderoth, 2009).

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Considering the place, milk could be offered anywhere for the convenience of customers. In case of fresh milk, it is to be supplied to various households to provide convenience to the customers. Other products like fermented, homogenized and dry milk are stored in a milk bar fully equipped with fridges. The milk bar would be a central place for customers looking for different flavors of milk in different as well as a full time place for milk to be offered.

Price: milk is offered in a market friendly price in order to attract customers as well attaining and maintaining a good profit margin (Wenderoth, 2009). Milk is a valuable and essential product in almost every household. So no matter how the price is set, they must purchase it. A small rise in price will be indiscernible and thus a gain in profit margin. A reasonable price is also realized by offering high value flavors and different flavors by incurring minimal production expenses. Discounts are offered to wholesale resellers, regular, pre-pay, and post-pay customers.

Promotion: marketing by advertising would be used to encourage potential customers to buy the milk. The most promotion tool will be to take milk to various homesteads and use word of mouth to market. Other would be to use attractive posters and stores' televisions. This will also be achieved by employing various suppliers and promoters. As this product is not seasonal, the promotion is on a full time basis (Wenderoth, 2009).

The 4P decisions would be essential when venturing into and marketing the milk business. The chosen product will determine its future, if it is an essential commodity then there is a possibility of sustaining the business. The price affects the sales and revenues. Similarly, the place or site for selling a product will determine the volume of business. Lastly, the way a product is promoted has an effect in establishing and maintaining a loyal customer base.


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