Free Nonverbal, Verbal, and Discrepant Behavior Essay Sample

The easiest way of knowing the moods and intentions is by monitoring the Verbal behavior, nonverbal behavior, and discrepancies of the individual. Verbal behavior is based on monitoring of an individual mode of language and speech mode as it involves the use of speech in communicating with others. While, nonverbal is where an individual uses wordless messages in order to pass the message home the individual uses gestures, posters, facial expressions amongst other non verbal while Discrepant is a conflicting statement that is used to determine the persons stand and argument ability incase of any conflicting information from the individual this will help in clearing the situation at hand.

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In an interview the panelists opt to take a critical look in the interviewee verbal, non verbal and Discrepant Behaviors in order to help them in identifying the most suitable and presentable candidate the will fill the vacant position. When conducting an interview the panelist observe the verbal communication is as it helps the panelist know the verbal capability of an individual that ease communication with others. Non verbal will help the panel determine the capability of an individual in case of a misunderstanding (Rogers, 2005). While discrepant will gauge an individual argument ability thus ensuring that the can conduct himself in a cool manner incase of a misunderstanding.

The most important observable behavior that is observed during an interview is the verbal communication; this will be the most observed quality this is because most of the communication is conducted by the use of the speech. Hence, the good articulation of the words will make the communicating process between the individuals in the work place will ensure the individuals in the region are more connected and communicate freely (LaFrance & Mayo, 2006). Hence, its ease in understanding of the conversation between the employees, therefore I believe that verbal communication is the most observed in an interview.


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