Free Psychological Problems in Early Adulthood Essay Sample

Early adulthood is a stage in life when most people finish school, get a career of their choice and start families of their own. Lipczynska (2011) argues that currently, people are healthy and energetic and hence the stage is characterized by peak performance. This is also the time to grow up and make life’s important decisions. Moreover, people start living independent lifestyle, marriage, responsibilities and family. These factors put together are likely to evoke psychological problems to the early adults. Such psychological problems are described below:

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Depression is more common and it is a psychological condition, which changes how one thinks and feels thereby interfering with social behavior of oneself. It causes emotional pain, disrupts life, affects the lives of family members as well as friends, and leads to absenteeism hence affecting the economy negatively. Anxiety disorder is another problem faced by young adults. It is an alert signal or danger and it’s related to fear of harm. When people are faced with threats to their physical well-being, they respond physically and psychologically. Schizophrenia is a severe, disabling chronic disease affecting the brain. It has long-lasting symptoms, which can cause disability.

According to Champion and Power (2000), people with these psychological problems are likely to talk to themselves, behave unusually, seem to respond to imaginary fears and even hear voices from nowhere. Impulse control is another psychological problem, which can results into substance abuse, sexual disorders, lack of control, domestic violence, pathological gambling, among others. Personality disorders are maladaptive and they cause psychological distress as well as life coping problems. Family problems are caused by psychological or medical problems in relationship partners. Couples are constantly faced with conflicts, sexual problems, lack of closeness, in-law problems, etc. last, but not least, adjustment disorders are common. This is a condition characterized by emotional and behavioral symptoms development. These include: anxiety, depression, school behavior problems, work problems, fighting, etc.

These psychological problems appear to people’s lives during their early adulthood. This is because some of the life’s important choices are made at this period. Such choices include; marriage and family. Those who marry at adolescence are likely to experience divorce as well as those who are dissimilar in age, personality or attractiveness. At this period, those opposed to marriage shift to cohabitation as an alternative. Work career choices fall in this stage and it affects friends, socioeconomic status, job stress, child care, political values as well as residence location. It also determines the amount of income, which in turn determines whether one is able to provide for the family. Failure to be able to provide for a family brings about depression and other psychological disorders. Generally, early adulthood is the most active stage in human life and failure to meet one’s goals automatically leads to psychological problems.


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