Free Psychology: Emotional Intelligence Essay Sample

1. What course concepts from the readings are important to you?

The most important that I have acquired from the article is that Intelligence Quotient (IQ) doesn't play any important role in the determining of the future success of an individual in the society. The article further went on and explained that the IQ only contributes to only 20% of the success of an individual. But the other 80% lies on the surrounding and interactions of an individual with the people that are living around him/her; this will be some of the determinants of the individuals' successful life in the future (Goleman, 1995).     

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2. Why?

The reason that has made it possible for me to decide that IQ isn't a determinant of a prospective future; is that there are different types of IQs levels that are seen as the determinant  of the success of an individual in an organization or society. The types of IQs include the emotional IQ and the academic IQ. Both these IQ play an important role in an individual as it makes it possible for the individual to be productive in the areas that they live in; thus ensuring that an individual is able to succeed later on in life.

3. My understanding of an experience or conversation utilizing this week's course concept

The article has made me   understand and differentiate between the success in life and the success in the classroom (Goleman, 1995). It has also exposed me to the different types and at the same time it has made it possible to understand people with high IQ levels don't have a possible guarantee that their future life will be successful. At the same time I have learnt that the emotional IQ of an individual is the most important aspects that make it easy for an individual to be successful; this is because an individual is able to relate with the other people.

4. What did you observe?

It has become apparently clear from my own observation that the success of an individual is determined by the type of relationship that an individual has with the people living around him /her. The ability of an individual to relate easily with the other people is the key determinant in an individual's success (Goleman, 1995).

In this case an individual will be in a position of communicating with the others freely. At the same time monitoring their emotions and reactions towards the topic in question; this will enable the individuals are more aware of the reactions of the colleagues thus ensuring that they are more familiar with each other.

5. What understanding do you have?

I have learnt to understand my self in that I am able to realize that I should be an individual who is able to know what is happening around me. In addition ensure that the ways in which I perform or carry out my activities are well taken care off in order to improve the ways in which I relate with the others on the society thus encouraging me to succeed in life.

6. How would I act differently in the future to improve the experience or conversation?

In the future I would opt in improving my emotional IQ as it is said to be the most important aspect the will improve the relation and collaboration with the others. This will not only ensure that I am in a position of understanding the emotions of the others and at the same time making it easy to understand each other in the society and improving my success chances.


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