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Healthcare system differs from country to country and Ethnicity influences on illness and treatment of the individual. In Paramedic Profession, rendering care for patients who are in pain has various ethnic differences that need to be considered (Barkway, 2009, p. 95). In this essay, we will show the influence of ethnicity on health and how do health professionals analyze health outcomes regarding ethnical, language and biological differences.

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First of all, we would like to say, that ethnicity mostly influences not only on health, but also on the understanding of illness and pain itself. Environment, including poor economic status increases stress and level of anxiety within education and problems at work and in family, affects health tremendously (Shi and Singh, 2010, p.119). Moreover, genes play a big role in person’s health. For example, mutation of specific genes can provoke sickle cell anemia, breast cancer etc (Johnsons and Krueger, 2005, p.580). Genetic and environmental factors, such as lifestyle and diet, within opportunities and the level of life of the individual straightly influence on health (Barkway, 2009, p.95).

Paramedics consider that the dominant model of health care bases on the knowledge of ethnic groups and their differences. For example, some cultures use mostly alternative medicines and cures regarding the region and available tools of care. On the other hand, some social and ethnical groups are more vocal than others in expressing health-related issues (Shi and Singh, 2010, p.119).

To sum up, we can say that the outcome depends on many aspects including lifestyle of the patient, tools of medical care, genes etc.


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