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Obedience is described as an act of carrying out the commands that are being directed to an individual in order to fulfill the wishes of the commanding individual. In other words obedience is considered to be a sin and at the same time it is a virtue; thus making it difficult to differentiate when obedience is good or evil. As in the cases were innocent people were forced to be involved in the mass killing of the Jews during the Nazi attacks by the Nazi soldiers (Milgram, 1963).       

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Psychology is a science of the study of the behavior and mind of an individual, with a main aim of understanding the mental structure and behavior of an individual in a specific situation and special cases. It also aims to understand and benefit the society in general; thus trying to make the society a good place and safe to reside in it (Cherry, 2001). Social philosophy is a science which uses scientific methods to try to understand and explain how an individuals, thoughts, behaviors, and feelings are affected by an actual implied or implied presence of a human being     

What does social psychology teach us about obedience?

Social psychology is therefore the act that aims at assuring that the individual's activities are well taken care off; thus each individual's activities are well monitored or resulted by the surrounding environment or group of people in the regions or environment where the individual is situated in. Social psychology has directly shown that obedience is influenced by the surrounding of an individual and the people around the region an individual.

In case an individual lives with people who are older that him/her they might include their, parents, teachers or anybody senior person in the society. The individual will tend to be more obedient in that the individual will check on his/her choice of language sitting posture or even clothes. But this is not the case when an individual is alone or with his/ her peers there will be least evidence of obedience as the individual will feel the there is no person around to be accorded the obedience from them.               

Is obedience a desirable thing?

I don't think that obedience is an advantageous thing; this is because it tends to be imposed on an individual by the use of force or coercing by an individual in power in order to achieve some form of respect from the people that are under his/ her commands (Milgram, 1963).

I tend to believe that an individual who is imposed to obedience isn't willingly to be obedient to the individual. They will be basically be forced by the individual and as a result fear an individual will basically comply with the commands of the other person around him. This is in order to ensure that they are perceived to be obedient or are acquitted from harsh actions that they might face incase they don't comply with their demands (Kassin, et al, 2010). Thus basically making it impossible to determine whether the obedience that an individual is offering is genuine or not; thus making it difficult to determine the validity of obedience. It will basically make the individual who is forcing the other one to do what they require since he/she is in full authority and to feel as if they are more adored but in real sense that isn't the case.


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