Free States of Consciousness Essay Sample

According to Jang (2002) Interpreting dreams is a conscious the process that is used to assign meaning to dreams we have had. There are many theories today that have been offered by various schools of psychology that have tried to offer meaning to dreams. In most of the early communities dreaming was seen as a communication with the supernatural or a way of divine intervention, the message from this dreams was unraveled by the individuals who were had the powers to unravel this dreams (Clement and Rosen 2000).  Dreams have been one life’s very intriguing and fascinating mystery. I consider dreams to be like feelings and also the thoughts that we have in our mind, therefore the thing that is going through in our mind then in our dream it will link to the issue that had been going on in our mind. This means that the dreams we will dream will be affected by the experiences that we have had in the days before the dream and they help to capture the mood that we are in.

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My first dream is of a dream I had recently on my wedding, it was after that wedding which was a dream wedding just as I had planned and expected. In the wedding all those who we invited showed up and everything went smoothly. My husband James was flying me to New York for the honeymoon. In this dream it happened that I was very obsessed with billboards something that in the normal circumstances am not. In New York everything I saw I loved it for it was it was in the billboard, my husband was very happy for I was happy that he had made a good choice to take me to New York where I was now having fun after the great wedding. It happened that since we were very happy we were now flying around the city in all the streets in New York, we ensured that we looked at everything. He later informed me that he had a surprise for me since he loved me very much, I was very eager to know what the surprise was it later turned out that he had prepared for the biggest billboard in the whole of New York to be of my picture. In the bill board there were words “the most beautiful girl in the world, Love James”. The billboard was very big that everyone in New York could see it. It is then that my husband asked me whether I liked it, it was at this point that I woke up.

The second dream I had was a few weeks ago, in this dream we were in our local church where the preacher in the sermon preached of each of us will soon a achieve a breakthrough in all the difficulties we have been having in the recent past. as the preaching went on I could not help but count all the problem that we have been having in the family all related to finances and I quietly played God for a financial breakthrough. My mother who was a single mother was in hospital and we need a lot of money for us to keep her in a good hospital and get the necessary medication, my younger brother was joining college and money to cater for his tuition was becoming a challenge, he was joining one of the best colleges in America. On the way home I could not help but wonder what I need to do for God to help me with a financial breakthrough. In the house good was a problem and there was no money all the credit card were heavily used that there were a lot of credit card debt and I was sure we were deep in debt, I also had lost my job.

I was a prayerful girl and I took the last cash that was in the house so as to buy food for my brother and myself, and also visit my mum in hospital. On the way in a gas station I decided to buy a lottery card with the last remaining cash that I had. Little did I know that it was my lucky day, after scratching the cards I was shocked to learn that I had won one million dollars. I was very happy and I went to see my pastor who was very happy for me. When I met my brother we sat down and started planning how to use the money. We all had a lot of plan, I wanted to use the money to clear all our financial difficulties and use it in my dream wedding with my fiancé James. My brother wanted to buy a chopper and a limo. It was while we were having this discussion that I woke up.

The third dream I have had recently is of when I was with my fiancé and we were shopping for a house we were to move in when we got married. In found a very good house in a very good location of our town. The house was also fairly priced and we could afford it without any difficulties. It was a perfect house, but when we went to visit and see the house before we bought it from our savings. I was astonished for the house was full of black cats that we found eating black rats in the house.  The cats were very big and unfriendly when we tried to scare them so that we can enter the house, they all attacked us and we had no choice but to run or else they would eat us. It was while we were running that I woke up from the dream.

At the moment our relationship with my boyfriend James is facing some difficulties, in all this dreams there is an element of marriage which in reality means living with somebody for the rest of your life. Since the relationship that I am with my boyfriend is at the moment facing problems, I think the message in this dreams is that I should work towards sorting and improving the relationship that we have. the dreams show that all the difficulties that we have can be solved by love as is the first dream, faith as is in the second dream and working together as is in the second dream when we together run from the cats.

Dreams are very difficult to understand at times this is because they are formed by the irrational unconscious mind and yet they are interpreted by using the conscious mind in a form that is very different from the dream (Bulkeley 2001). But there is always a message that is there in the dreams if we work toward interpreting the dream and getting the message. 


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