Free Teenage Alcoholism Essay Sample

According to a research done by research literature, abuse of alcohol among teenagers is increasing at an alarming rate and starting at very earlier ages. While for girls the average age when first trying alcohol is 13 years it is 11 years for boys. For Americans the average age when they start drinking regularly is 15.9 years. The research further says that that those who start at the earlier age of 15years are likely to be dependent on alcohol. Thus this essay will look into this problem and present e remedy on how the situation can be fixed (Alcohol Abuse Among Teenagers 2010).

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Alcohol and teenagers

Alcohol is a drug that works directly on the central nervous system. For the teenagers, because the there are several body changes taking place as they grow, alcohol can severely harm their bodies because their bodies have not build up physical tolerance. There is evidence that developing bodies and minds are vulnerable to the effects of alcohol. Hence there's a greater risk of alcohol related problems in later life for teenagers who abuse alcohol later in life. The effects of alcohol for teenagers are many and varied. They include; health problems, social problems and physical problems including accidents and even fights. Long term effects of prolonged use of alcohol include liver damage, can cause some types of cancers, damages the pancreatitis and literal brain shrinkage. Also many accidents can be caused by drinking and driving, high risk-sex either with multiple partners or unprotected sex or due to stress and depression caused by alcohol, teenagers may resort to suicide (Galanter M. 2005).

The first treatment for alcoholic teenagers is to counsel them on the dangers of alcoholism and get them understand they need to stop drinking. This should be approached with a lot of love and understanding. The teenager then should be weaned off slowly from alcohol drinking. . If the patient were resistant, this will help by rebuilding the nutritional integrity by giving the teen a glass of juices to stop craving for alcohol. The juice can be sweetened with honey to tone down the craving for alcohol. The juices will be substituted with whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits. This will strengthen the body's physiology (Teenage Alcoholism Effects and Remedies/ Teenage Alcohol Drinking Treatment 2010).


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