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Sexual abuse in children at any age is usually very traumatic which after it happens could lead to the results lasting for an entire lifetime. Pinki Virani in her book Bitter Chocolate: Child Sexual Abuse in India brings out the reality which is in our society which is very much ignored by very many people.  Being a victim of child sexual abuse explained how the Indian society failed to acknowledge the increasing child sexual abuse. Through her book, she shatters all the myths about child sexual abuse and gives the explanation as to the prevention of such acts and how child sexual abuse (CSA) where the majority of the abusers are usually above the age of 16 years and the children who are mainly abused are usually below the age of 16 years including very young babies who are barely 6 months old. Some of the writings in the book are usually very touching like when she said

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Every child who is raped by an adult turns into a statistic. A life barely lived, already a
horrific statistic (Virani, 2000)

And also the statement:

Somebody has used her like an ashtray and stubbed his cigarette all over her; somebody has then thrown her out of his car like garbage. There she lies naked, her torn panties tightly clasped in her clenched fist (Virani, 2000)

In dealing with the issue of CSA, Virani used three parts in her book which she called them notebooks. In the first notebook, she brought out the façade of the home as being the safest for the protection of children. Should the parents be the ones to blame for the rising CSA cases? Some of these children are abused by people who are well known to them either relatives or neighbors.  In the second notebook, she brought out the fact that most of the victims of child abuse are the most child abusers mainly because a majority of them are usually not able to control their emotions.

In the third notebook, she brings out the fact that the legal system fails to recognize CSA cases where she quoted the case of a grandfather who assaulted a child and the court discharged the case claiming that the grandfather was incapable of committing the act. Another example is the case of a mother who tried to save her daughter from the molestation of her husband where with the help of two social workers was able to save her daughter. The court did not punish the father but instead tried the two social workers which is a clear indication that the legal system ignored the seriousness of the CSA cases.

An adult who abuses a child sexually should be considered to be a human being since it is very unethical for someone who is supposed to provide the child with security, food and shelter ends up abusing the child sexually. There is the urgent need of the reformation of the law to be more friendly when it comes to the matters of the child because at a great extent, the legal system India was to blame for the increasing CSA cases. It is also the responsibility of all the citizens to be able to speak against CSA.


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