Free The Development of Feeling Norms Essay Sample

Romantic love has got several norms that are critical in life. In the first place romantic feeling should be important but should not lock the progress of life matters. Robin, Donna & Cathy, (1992) state that some extent adolescent females view romantic feeling and having relationships with male is very important in life .This norm is on the stand that these romantic feeling should not make girls dedicate all their time in boys as their primary activity

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Another norm of romantic feeling is that females should only be attracted to persons who are not of their sex. This feeling can be applicable through physical touch and having straight high contact in the middle of a conversation. In Romantic feeling one should not have romantic feeling with one who is attached to someone else (Robin, Donna & Cathy, 1992). It has been proved that this feeling for someone who is already attached occurs but in such cases it should not be expressed openly

All these norms are natural part of Human emotions. Some of the females embrace traditional concerns about romance .Having romantic feeling for someone should not be learnt but should come naturally .In the article it if found that some females feel bad when they see others hanging out with boys. Females do have romantic feeling for boys who are even attached although they feel shy to express it or choose to remain silent (Robin, Donna & Cathy, 1992).  It would not be rational to say that romantic feeling is learned because it is a strong inner feeling for someone. According to these facts a feeling can only be part of human emotion content.

On my opinion romantic norms can be violated by someone's feeling. There are those females that take having boys as the primary activity. The norm that states that romantic feeling for someone who is engaged should be avoided can be violated. This can happen where a female has romantic feelings and communicates it to someone she has full information about his engagement. In another clear norm romantic feeling should be for people of opposite sex but currently cases of homosexuality and heterosexuality are a proven truth. This happens due to the feeling one has for person of the same sex that goes to the extent of violating the standing norms Therefore I am of the idea that these norms can be violated by someone's feeling.


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