Free We Can Know More About a Person from the Types of Friend He/She Has Essay Sample

The type of people a friend chooses to associate with can reveal more about your friend’s character than he/she might like you to know. 

A group of three or four friends are strongly joined together by shared likes and dislikes, beliefs and attitudes.  They tend to relax more in each other’s company and are more likely to let their true personality emerge. As more people see them together, the group will acquire its’ own reputation, which will likewise spill over onto each member.

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As an example, a school friend of yours is normally friendly and polite.  You may have some classes together and occasionally hang out on the weekend.  But one day, you see your friend running down the hall with a group known for causing trouble with the principal following close behind.  It doesn’t take long for the police to arrive and the gang is quickly ushered into the principal’s office.  You catch a final glimpse of your friend and he and his group are being taken away in police cars.

A few days later your friend is back at school.  You learn that some of the group members were destroying school property and were caught in the act.  Your friend explains that, although he was with them, he did not take part in the vandalism. You ask why he ran if he didn’t do anything wrong, and discover that he’s been in trouble with the law before. 

Your friend’s group behavior has just given him away.  He was able to fool you with his quiet, polite façade when it was just the two of you, but when placed with his group of friends, his true character was revealed. 

Observing a friend’s behavior when they’re in a group setting may reveal more about their character than they may want you to know.


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