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Recent news about the President Trumps dismantlement of the Clean Power Plan launched during the President Obama Administration has hit not only American society but also the world-wide ecologically concerned community. Being the contribution to the Paris Agreement implementation, the project aimed at reducing the carbon dioxide emissions from coal-burning power plants across the country. The plan required enterprises to meet the set standards and to control the harmful emissions released into the atmosphere. Having not ratified the Kyoto Protocol, the USA made the substantial step becoming an active participant of the Paris Agreement that entered into force in November 2016. Having a well-developed economy, the USA also produces a great amount of carbon dioxide emissions. Environmental pollution is the major side effect of a growing economy. Thereby, the involvement of the state in the global ecological program, as both Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement are the extension of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, 1992, could become a useful initiative for environmental protection. It could also motivate a number of countries that are significant carbon dioxide producers and the developing states which strive to choose the sensible ecological strategy at once and minimize the further potential threats to follow its example. The report is addressed to Environmental Protection Agency as the liable institution which will take direct participation in a search for a solution. Its aim is presentation of the causes and prehistory of the current state of issues and the vectors of further findings development. The reasonable solution is believed to be found with the high involvement of EPA.

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The Clean Power Plan entered into force as one of the key components of the environmental strategy of Obamas administration. At the same time, it was developed in order to support the energy course of the USA but not to disturb it. Compliance of the Plans norms allowed the maintenance of the workforce employment at the stable level because the green energy enterprises open and expand constantly having the green support from the government. Despite being an example to imitation for other states, Clean Power Plan principles were aimed at preservation of the nations health state and avoidance of its inevitable decline in the future. Heart and asthma attacks are among the most widespread health consequences of the carbon dioxide pollution. Analyzing the wider scope of ozone layer depletion by the gases, the destruction increases the average temperature of Earth annually. The natural cataclysms such as hurricanes, tornados, and extreme temperature fluctuations which have struck Northern America in the latest decade are the evidence.

The strategy of President Trump is coherent and follows his election campaign promises. The support of national coal industry and ensuring energy independence of the United States of America were among them. Dismantling the Clean Power Plan with its evident benefits listed in the previous paragraph, the decision may also worsen the general image of the USA among the partner-countries involved in the similar programs. Moreover, it may result in significant negative effects inside the state. Thereby, the Trumps precept to launch the search for the modified version of the Plan regarding all the coal branch development issues is logical and expected. The participation of EPA in the process is crucial. It seems complicated because it has to include the benefits for both economic and ecological strategies of the USA. Moreover, the process of decisions finding will be held under the observation of the international society.

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Further Action

The further scenario must be built according to two principles of both economy and ecology. The first issue is already defined as the primary task of Trumps administration. Regarding the second one, the international trends have to be taken into account. For example, the economic rival, Peoples Republic of China, is following the USA during the latest years in order to outdistance in questions of power on the international market. At the same time, Chinese government has a priority to become an environmentally clean state as the carbon dioxide emission effects are increasingly damaging the health state of the population. Accordingly, the country is developing new solutions in production of turbines, batteries, cars, etc. It is obvious that the conscious members of global society will pay attention to the cheaper and greener technologies instead of damaging to environment with becoming more expensive (because of being the exhaustible natural resources) gas-, oil-, and coal-related solutions. The change in the vector of environmental policies is also the question of payment to the countries developing the implementation of Paris Agreement commitments instead of investing in the USAs economy and the needs of population. In the nearest perspective, the step seems justified. However, the number of global warning consequences have recently revealed across the globe. The ecological issue is no more regarded as a trick or hoax with the aim of financial benefit. Together with the problem of the Earths overcrowding, they complete the serious threat for the life of the next generations in the nearest decades. Thereby, the actions taken today must reflect the long-term strategy of the states and their prosperity in future. However, this position may be reached only by united efforts and resources of the majority of states engaged.

The current undefined position of the Clean Power Plans successor gives an opportunity to propose the decision beneficial for all the parties involved. They are big manufacturers in the USA (as opponents); civil society groups and NGOs as well as environmental activists and organizations (as supporters). Being a policy-related issue, the course of action must not interrupt the current governmental programs. Thereby, the issue of losing job positions in the coal sector has to be regarded. However, the tendency of the latest years is in decreasing the employment in the sphere. Moreover, the situation is caused not by restriction on CO2 emission but rather by the deliberate choice of the society to create working places within the companies and plants that confess the modern ecological technologies. The vision of coal sector prosperity and extension has its limit. Therefore, higher legislative and investing attention must be paid to the issues of green energy strategy development. For example, analyzing the workforce flow in the coal and green enterprises, the level of subsidization of the second group may increase, and the level of polluting emission of the first group may decrease respectively. It may become the gradual shift for the USA though it will still violate the Paris Agreements positions.

Currently, the United States of America have overcome a great number of countries in the issue of pollution-free technologies and decisions implementation. The state is in the position which allows it to consult and help less developed countries in the question parties of the Paris Agreement. The economic growth and successful coping with the various challenges in the political and social life allow the USA paying enough attention and financing to the environmental safety issues. Thereby, being a question of national security, future independence, and prosperity, the adaptation of the new program instead of Clean Power Plan must be elaborate, thought-out, and precise. The implication of today is in coal jobs outdating, emission-free energy usage (wind, solar, sea waves, and a number of other alternative energy sources), working places established within green business, and legal framework adopted accordingly to these trends.

The position of the Oval Office may be specific. However, President Trump confesses the breakthrough and effective politics and lifestyle changes for the U.S. population. Thereby, the global environmental issues cannot pass by the U.S. government and remain untouched. Respectively, the new solutions must unite both economic and ecological paths analyzed above. The previous programs have to be taken into consideration as successful or failed experience. And instead of job-killing restrictions on the production of American fossil fuels, which account for 80% of America's man-made greenhouse-gas emissions, the plan including the goals of all the parties involved and dependent must be adopted


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