Free Challenges of Online Information Retrieval Essay Sample

Searching for any kind of information using any of the search engines for instance, Google in a website can truly be likened to the search of a needle in a haystack. The issue of information overload arises when trying to look for information. This is simply because there are no filters available to sort out the information. This therefore hinders getting only the required information. The researcher has to bear in mind that there are different contributors of information on the internet. Firstly, the reliability of information can be questionable. The credibility of different authors can also be debatable. Therefore, since everybody can contribute to the web, it raises a question as to whether one can get true and accurate information. In addition, the reader can make wrong choices or no choices at all regarding the information that they want. Secondly, the use of Google can be frustrating and time consuming. However, the greatest importance of Google is that it provides an avenue for easier access of materials that could hitherto be impossible to get using other means such as manual search in public libraries. (Biggs, 1987).

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The library of the 19th century is considered more proficient than the Google search. This might not be true in the real sense. For instance, Google does much than what can be expected when one visits a library. In addition, it has more information in one place to search through. Though from another perspective, the search from the library can be considered pleasant and organized. On the other hand, the Google search can be seen to be tiresome, strenuous and sometimes frustrating.

With reference to the information provided in the texts, there are two types of databases used to handle online information namely; public domain database and proprietary database. The public domain is accessible to everyone on top of the fact that it is totally free for example Bing, Google and yahoo. This is possible as far as the user has a computer and an internet connection. The proprietary database is only accessible to individuals who are legal members or through subscription. An example of the proprietary domain is Ashford university online library.   The library is only accessed by faculty and students. The greatest advantage of proprietary database over the public domain is that information provided is up-to-date. Google also saves time when one is searching information. This is possible due to availability of article citations and abstracts, journals among other reliable information that can also be found at any other reliable libraries.

Social networks are to a great extent necessary though sometimes they can be dangerous.  They allow people to perform multifaceted things. Individuals can be able to connect and share in a digital setting. For example, LinkedIn allows an individual to get business contacts. My space allows one to find bad members. Finally, face book makes it possible for a person to view photos of old friends as they also meet new ones. However, posting information about yourself in these sites has really become a thorn in the flesh. For instance, they are a good avenue where identity theft can take place. Though on the one hand indulging in digital networks is beneficial as well as enjoyable. On the other hand, the presence of hackers poses a threat to the security of our accounts. They can be able to hack your account and information especially when they access them (Aaron .P., 2009).Privacy is one of the precious things that one can have. It means a lot to have privacy. If it is lost, most of the things that one may need can also be lost.


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