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My reaction to what I have read is that it is very important for an individual to find out the meaning and purpose of life because it can help him/her to be able to realize and identify his/her personal goals. Goal setting is very important to an individual because it enables an individual to be able to think and focus on his/her future and it also motivates one to be able to turn his/her visions of the future into reality. Through personal development, one can realize his aspirations and dreams since it involves activities like the developing of talents and individual potentials and it also enhances the quality of life.

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I agree with the fact that identifying one’s life purpose is very challenging and it is also a highly rewarding process because it makes an individual to discover his/her personal goals. In order for one to be an effective leader, he/she has to manage and must first learn to lead and manage the inside of oneself. There are very many people around the world who are willing to accept one as he/she is and embrace the true self of the individual.

In my opinion, one should be able to find the meaning or the purpose of life which is a very important process into the identification of an individual’s goals. This story is meant to enable the one to be able to understand the importance of finding one’s purpose in life and with this one can be able to understand his/her own genuine self so as to get acceptance, appreciation and get love from the things that one can get for knowing and understanding oneself.

Finally, according to the story, it is very clear that the false self in individuals influences ones actions and it can make one to be able to act in a manner or way which is directed towards the pleasing of others without even giving a serious consideration to one’s own purpose. In order for an individual to know his/her purpose in life, he/she has to discover his/her goals in life. This personal goal setting involves the reviewing of all the aspects in an individual’s life.

In conclusion, it is very important for an individual to make a personal commitment and to withhold critical judgments of one self. The false self is a great hindrance into the identification one’s personal goals. In order one to be an effective leader he/she has to posse a clear sense of self by knowing who one is, what one would wish to accomplish in life, and how one would make it happen. One’s ability to lead and manage in any organization is based on a person’s goals.


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