Free Living Among the Theories Essay Sample

Ten theories of Human Nature is an intriguing text that clearly tries to explain the nature of humanity. It is vital in the discovery process of individuals. This is because it gives explanations on why things tend to happen the way that they do in relation to humanity. It also helps individuals in understanding why certain things are the way they are. It is an important part of trying to discover oneself and the people around us. 

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It is particularly intriguing to realize that there are solid explanations as to why misunderstandings arise. This is especially important because misunderstandings are the major causes of chaotic lifestyles. Different scholars give their different views on their explanations of the human nature and its causation.

Throughout my reading of the text, I completely resonated with the views and explanations of Karl Marx. He is of the certain view there is no such thing as human nature. However, the question begs; what consists of an individual's behavior? He explains that human nature is completely dependent on the environments and surrounding. However, in his work he says that there exists specie- essence. This has been overtaken by capitalism and human nature has been completely alienated from humanity. This is the basis of his theory of alienation. He adds that human nature will only seem to exist in communist societies.  He says that human nature will be well understood if individuals are able to identify their needs and hence, generate new needs.

Through reading the contents of the text, it becomes vital in understanding oneself and being able to view things clearer than before reading this text. It is highly recommended for young people who are in the verge of self discovery.


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