Free Marketing Individual Reflective Report Essay Sample

As a result of working on this assignment in a group, I have realized that an organization’s marketing efforts and strategies can be effective and successful only if all members of the organization are actively involved and focused towards the realization of such strategies. The marketing manager thus has to closely work with the finance manager, research and development manager, productions manger, human resource officer, as well as the production engineer. Since marketing involves producing and marketing products that are customer focused, the marketing manager will obtain data on market research from the research and development officer; then, discuss with the productions engineer the features of the potential product to be developed. The finance officer will be responsible for funding the production processes while the human resource manager will employ adequate workforce to help in marketing the final product. The marketing process is thus a network of interrelated departments within an organization that work together to effectively meet customer needs and expectations.

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I would put forward that my view of marketing has changed during the course of the semester. I used to view marketing as the sole responsibility of the marketing department. I used to believe all activities related to marketing of goods and services were carried out by one single department. I also used to think that marketing entails pushing customers to buy products of the company. However, I now view marketing as a cross-functional activity that is facilitated by a team work between different departments within the organization. I have also learned that marketing does not involve producing producer-oriented products but rather customer-oriented products. It entails production of goods and services that customers want, and not those that the producer deems suitable for the customer.

In my opinion, our group was able to effectively share tasks together. Duties and responsibilities were shared equally amongst all team members. All team members were given equal opportunity to contribute towards achieving the goals and objectives of the group. This facilitated commitment of team members. Additionally, it helped in building trust amongst team members. Group members felt valued and trusted by their fellows. This motivated them to work harder, and hence we were able to effectively attain the goals that we set to achieve.

As a result of working on this group assignment, I learnt various aspects about my team work skills. First, I learnt that I am good at tolerating other people’s view and opinions. During the group assignment, we worked as one team. This meant that everybody had to be given equal opportunity to give an own views concerning the topic we were discussing. As expected, every individual had his or her own opinion, which at one point or the other differed with the views of other group members. This posed a great challenge to the other team members. In my view, it was a test of our abilities to tolerate other people. It required us to incorporate all views and opinions, regardless of whether they were or not consistent with our held position.

Secondly, I learnt that I have good persuasion skills. I was able to influence other team members towards making certain decisions. I had the ability to effectively influence their decisions and courses of actions.

Thirdly, I also learnt that I have good interpersonal skills that are fundamental for working in teams. For example, I built strong relationships with my fellow group members. Similarly, I would keen listen to other people’s views without distracting them as they talked. In my opinion, listening skills and good communication skills are essential for a team work.

However, I also realised that I was not able to treat all team members fair. I developed prejudice towards some team members. This prejudice was derived from baseless stereotypes that I previous have heard about their characters. I would suggest that such prejudices are bad and can easily kill team working spirit, and hence should be highly avoided. Team members should treat each other equally.

In my view, I would build our team’s effectiveness by acting in exemplary ways so that other team members would imitate and follow. For example, I would not ridicule any team member but rather praise and give credit to good works they may have accomplished. Similarly, I would encourage the creation of strong and mutual relationships between team members. I would also promote respect and disciple amongst team member. Last but not least, I would cheer up every team member to remain focused towards achieving the set goals and objectives.


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