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While I have achieved the interactive social life, my school has been the key to my motivation. Amongst the programs offered in Columbia Southern University includes criminal justice, fire science, business administration, information technology, human resource management, organizational leadership, and occupational safety and health. Therefore being an online-based institution no much time spending within the campus. Because of this, the classes required take mainly small space and they take place in small discussions. This environment has really made my future in terms of carrier choice and made a good plan that I can use to develop my life in.

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My interests

Dealing with materials for the last eight units much of what I have achieved my dream to become the best student. Much of my time, I have invested on reading to reach the campus level and attain my interests in reading. Also, since reading cannot be the only hassle to do for every day I sometimes walk around and learn more about the campus during my free time to acquaint myself with university environment. I am interested in understanding materials in details in order to have enough knowledge on the proper understanding on the issue.

My passion

Columbia Southern University equips the students with the knowledge that they need to enable them become the best achievers. My experience in the university has made me to acquire enough interpersonal skills that I need to have, thus this has created much interest in my passion to reading and exploring the world of education. The university has my molded my carrier to have the passion I have and the love that has grown for the reading and the need to achieve my dreams.    

What is good?

Columbia southern university is one of the relatively quiet campuses; therefore, it is a home of rest after a long day travelling in New York. This environment makes the learning mood in the university to be conducive as long as one is ready to learn and acquire central peace to concentrate. The classes are personal and they involve online booking and studying thus the lectures are not massive therefore the rate of concentration is higher and no sleeping in class. Though the classes that I attend are online based they offer incredible services and no student will deny the quality education offered here. The quality of services and the type of the lectures that are in this university are so engaging therefore this makes work easier for the students without struggling to find too much information, which is instead easily obtained in the classes in this campus.

Most part of my carrier life depends so much on the lessons that I have learned from this campus outside the class; I have created a carrier out of the university services and the quality delivery in time management. Most of my interests in life are on the material information that I have learned in science from this university. I have developed my attitude towards the transformation of other students. This includes students who plan to join this university in the future and help them to acquire the vital information that can help then become best fighters in life, that is, to lead them to have a dream that will enable then have focus to succeed.  In believing at schoolwork, my passion to succeed in the scholastic achievements is on the enlightment that I have acquired from Columbia southern university. 


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