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The journey connected with the entire life of the human being. In another word life is called as journey. The journey means struggle, Struggle against passions, desires, for achievements, money, thoughts, and dreams etc. In this essay we want to explain that we were going on our own way which we have chosen with our own style. What kind of difficulties that we will face in our entire life. How our life suffers and how we can get something which we want to achieve something in life. The journey of the life is not easy task but every person holds and completed it according to their guards. Life is not easy but became easy.

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There are certain kind of challenges faced such as span of time, suffering, vexations, virtuous deeds and the prim of life. The percentage of the peoples is very short who will trust me and my faith. All the peoples cannot understand my feelings and do not want to support me. The challenge which I have faced is that my family and relatives does not give me morally or financially support. The challenge which I have faced is that my thoughts are rational but any how I want to do with my own desire. The other challenge is live on my own pattern is looking effective but very difficult because you feel lazy from inside peoples do not appreciate you because you are on the patent life pattern but you do on my own pattern. The challenge of starting the journey is every person pinched to you, and you feel shamed on such thing. The other most difficult challenge is how much you will brave but you cannot run the life financial challenges, threats of failure, missing of opportunity and the threats of make the life disaster. The other challenge before starting is that uncertainty factor of life if the life is going to be good or not.

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The second stage of the journey says that when you were realizing that you live as you desire but the pressure arises on you. The journey of life never looks so easy as I thought, I have faced lot of difficulties such as, I thought peoples can contribute some kind of part but they never do, I thought I drive my life as my desire so logic is secondary thing but it is not just like that .The point on which you were realize that you will face this time more difficulties in life are that when you were completed your school or college studies and you will face that you want job for filling your desires and needs but you do not find the job. There is some kind of saying on this occasion that on the different side of the college gate we were rolling the life on our fingers. But in practicable life the life rolls us on the tips. The point on which you were facing difficulties is that stage when you were not earning and you are dependant on your father and mother and friends. This stage is most difficult because every person in this stage does not realize that you are becoming bigger in your age so you will try to search the job because when you will earn all the tensions getting treated. The most difficult point to be raised that when I think that I cannot do that kind of the thing no matters what other said for me but life must go on.


In the third stage of the journey you will find that you have some kind of the inner qualities which you will create yourself, or anyhow you will search the qualities. The Seizing of the sword is that I have my inner qualities such as get out of problems, facing the challenges, drive the life in the persuasive way. You saw that you are self motivated and tried to get rid out of the tensions of life. In this stage you face that nobody is there on your back. The inner qualities you will measure that grief does not harm you because you cannot expect from somebody which is present in your life. The expectation is the basic fatigue in the life this is the good thing for you that you cannot expect from someone. You find that you have some persons which are very humble for you and you make your life easier. The innermost quality that you face in the journey of the life when you saw others that how many persons suffer you will see some kind of inner thinking that you were face that you became strong. The stage on which before getting job you will find that you have such capabilities that you were getting rid out of anything which is not good for you. The inner qualities you do not believe before but this the high times for getting confident on yourself. The qualities you have got but do not realize it that you have the capabilities of doing some kind of work for yourself.


The final stage on which you were getting very happy is that stage where you will find a good job. I have indeed met the challenge and find all the things which are good for life. The good job is necessary for the complete and successful journey of life. The good job means that you will fulfill your desires, your expenditures and the other necessary things. The stage on which you find a job you think that before you get a job you will face certain kind of problems such as frustration, expenditure arises, payment of bills but once you will get a good job life become easy. The structure of the life you saw in your dreams became reality. The reality of the journey is that in every step you do not find yourself alone. The stage of getting a job precious for the persons because every element connected to the money and the money comes from the job or getting earning. You will become independent now and you tried to pay according to your desires. This is the stage which feels a man very proud because every person respects you and your family. Behind this stage you will suffer a lot but if get achieved you will find everything. In this stage you expedite that you will achieve everything now and everything now gets easier for you. The journey of life is not easier thing but you make it easier for you and your family.


The journey of life does not easy target but you are the person who makes it easier for yourself. The life is the journey because every person in his entire life suffers a lot in every manner. The journey of life ends that before starting the journey you will find you are alone, in the second stage you find that where you have committed the mistakes. In the third stage you think that you do it according to your desires. In the final stage you think that you have a good job and this the final season of the day and you will treat as a heart of the family. The time is very precious for achieving something in life. The journey of life suggests that you will respect the time and time will respect you. The most beautiful part of the life journey is that if you will defeat once you do not allow going back and doing it from the beginning. The life is journey, and journey is life. You should learn a lot from the life of the journey.


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