Free Holistic Well-Being and Emotional Health Essay Sample

I have always given importance on my physical, spiritual, and emotional health, that is why I always, at least to some extent, try to check my daily activities to see if they are all within the definitions of overall well-being. On health surveys I have done online, I have always acquired an average health rating, which for me may not be ideal, but at least better than having poor health. I believe it is average because I focus more on my physical health and sometimes just disregard the spiritual aspect. I recently learned that this affects my emotional well-being as well. While I may gauard what I eat and drink most of the times, I am greatly lacking in spiritual activities that I realize “causes [me] to feel low and dispirited at times”. I look at things through materialistic eyes, “thinking that these things will bring me more social acceptance and self-esteem”. However, I learned too that these outlooks may be the reason why my emotional health is suffering: frequent irritability if I do not acquire material things I want; emotional swings ranging from sadness when I do not get to buy things I want, yet once I acquire it, the happiness does not seem to last.

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After reading so many self-help articles and books on overall well-being, I realized I need to focus more on what I have rather than on what I do not have. I also realized I need to spend more time with people that are important to me. I believe that if I also start looking at people as human beings with their own stories to tell, I would focus less on material things and just enjoy the presence or company of people. I also need not to shy away from the fact that there will always be things that I will never have, and I need to accept that fact with peace at heart. I am grateful that I am physically healthy, and I will just focus on improving it, and balancing my general well-being with a thankful and happy heart.

Embarking on this journey of self-discovery, I delved deeper into understanding the intricacies of emotional health. It became apparent that my emotional well-being was intricately linked to my spiritual neglect. To address this, I've started incorporating mindfulness practices and moments of reflection into my daily routine. These additions have served as a catalyst for emotional stability, providing a sense of purpose beyond material pursuits.

Recognizing the transient nature of happiness derived from possessions, I've ventured into activities that contribute to lasting joy. Engaging in hobbies, such as art and nature walks, has become a vital aspect of my pursuit of happiness. These activities not only offer a reprieve from the constant desire for material things but also contribute to a more sustainable emotional equilibrium.

In my quest for holistic well-being, I've also explored the benefits of community engagement. Building connections with like-minded individuals and participating in shared activities have provided a profound sense of belonging. This communal aspect has become a cornerstone in my journey towards emotional fulfillment, emphasizing the importance of social bonds in maintaining a resilient emotional state.

Moreover, I've discovered the significance of a positive mindset in fostering emotional well-being. Actively practicing gratitude has become a daily ritual, redirecting my focus from what I lack to the abundance in my life. This shift in perspective has not only improved my emotional resilience but has also influenced a more optimistic outlook on life.

In essence, the continued exploration of avenues to enhance emotional health has brought about a more nuanced understanding of well-being. By integrating spiritual practices, diversifying sources of joy, fostering community connections, and cultivating a positive mindset, my pursuit of overall well-being has taken on a richer, more multifaceted dimension.


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