Free Reflection Paper on New Media Essay Sample

New media is a new form of media which allows the interaction of the different people. It is a form of a media integrates the old media with the new technologies including the use of the internet, computer technologies and other forms of technology to bring about interaction in the media. The new media is not just the use of televisions alone but may just be represented by a newspaper which has a web page printed on it to encourage the reader to get more information about the subject. The new media has made it possible for the audience to access information on demand without having to look or wait for the information for a long time. When a person wants to get certain information, he or she will just need to visit a certain site and collect the information they want. The new media also democratizes creating, publishing, distributing and the consuming of the contents of the media. The audience has the freedom to access the information in the media without any charges or restrictions which helps in the fast dissemination of the information. In the new media, the information is digitalized in bits so as to make it easier to distribute it to the audience. The new media content is dynamic and has the advantage of being done in the real time.

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In open education, the new media plays a great role. People are able to access the information which they want at the time they want and at the place they want. Those who are involved in open education need not to travel to a certain place like to the premises of the institution to get the knowledge they are seeking. They just need to open their internet and go to a certain webpage and all the information they need will be displayed there. This reduces the cost of travelling to a particular place to get the information. As opposed to the traditional media, the people are able to access the information immediately without any delay and much cost. New media helps the student in the open learning to interact electronically with the other students and also with the lecturer instead of physically presenting yourself to them. Discussions can be held online without the need to meet physically. This means that a student who is taking a course using the open learning method can complete his or her course without travelling to the collage. The student can cover all what he or she is supposed to cover while in the house. It thus presents a very good opportunity to those people who are busy to study without interfering with their schedules.

The new media provides an opportunity for me to work from where I live. It is easy for a person to do a certain duty far away from the place where the duty is supposed to be accomplished. For example, the new media allows the people to program from their homes. It also allows people to manage their business from homes. Interviews can be conducted from home. This increases the convenience of working. A person will not need to be physically present in an office to do his or her duties. This can be done miles away with the use of the computers and the internet. The new media has also made communication very easy. It has decreased the cost of communication as people can interact over the internet using computers at a very cheap price. The new media has increased the levels of communication and businesses are easy to manage than in the contest of the old media. In my career, I expect that it will be far much easier to work as I will not need to travel from one place to another as I carry on my duties. I can be doing my duties in an office in my house. This will make me work at a place which I feel is comfortable. I will not need to pay a lot of money for transport to go to specific place when I need to accomplish some duty but I will just interact with the relevant people over the internet and finish my duties there.

The new media allows fast dissemination of knowledge. The current world is changing fast and there is always some new information which makes our operations more efficient. In my future career , it will be easy for me to get the new information about my career which will make me more productive and more efficient. New media will me access all the information I need from the internet at the time I need it. If there is a problem am facing, I just need to visit a certain website and I get all what I need. As opposed to the traditional media, I will not need to wait for somebody or for a book to get the information but will just access it from the internet at the time I need it. New media will thus give me an opportunity to get the best skills in my career and thus ensure that I am being very efficient. It will also make my work easier by giving me the best and the new ways on how to carry on my duties. In the context of the old media, to give people some information, one needs to collect people for a seminar or to write some books about a certain thing so that the people will buy the information and get it. It is not as fast as the new media and the audience is not allowed to interact with the author.

The field of new media is growing fast. It is becoming one of the most dynamic fields in the world and the people in the new media have become very dynamic. There is a constant flow of information in the new media. Information is being disseminated very fast. In the context of the new media, I am constantly being updated on the most recent developments in my field. There is a continuous flow of new ideas in the field. Since the new ideas are more effective than the older ideas, I have the most efficient ways of carrying out my duties. This is because of the new media which has enabled me access information from different sources and made me think widely. New media has allowed me to learn from home without the need of travelling to the university. It has also enabled me to do all my exams at home without travelling to the university. This has made things far much easy for me and thus making me to save a lot of my time and resources. New media is the order of the day and everyone who wants to succeed must employ it.


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