Free Sports and Women Essay Sample

Laura Robinson has touched on many issues affecting her personal life in her biography (DV Bio). In real life, the same issues exert influence on many women around the world today. Among the major matters she has discussed are youth and sports, feminism and female athletes, objectification, commodification, media representation, body and sports. She continues to explain how her personal life is modified and finds it easy to penetrate the men chauvinistic society and therefore goes political.

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Concerning youth and sports, Laura talks about the youth who are pushed into athletics by their parents and not of their own volition, making it hard for them to enjoy what they are engaged in.

She highlights the pressure put on women athletes in the effort to maintain their feminine lifestyle while having a job. This makes the woman live unrealistic life and not enjoy athletics.

 Laura Robinson, a journalist and a three time Ontario cycling champion, discovered her love for athletics at an early age and her family supported her fully in fulfilling her dreams. She has discovered crucial challenges as a woman in the sports sector

She highlights the pressure faced by the woman who is depicted as the weaker sex. At first we see her down because she isn’t given support from the family but after saving, she actually natures her own talent and beats all odds to be the world champion in cycling. She also used to take part in the tournaments organized locally and defeats fellow boys who were regarded as a stronger sex. 

In athletics, she talks of parents who force their children to be athletes and this deprives the children of the freedom to enjoy doing what they love to do. She also talks of a woman being expected to maintain her feminine lifestyle even at work which is really difficult to fulfill and uncomfortable to implement in athletics. She overcomes this challenge as a woman and she grows in popularity and takes a leading role as a role model to the women in the society through her action and changing the way she handles life. 

An Illusory Image, seems to touch on media coverage and portrayal of women’s sport and seems to concur with Laura Robinson who also complains of sports media whereby women in sports receive little or no recognition. She continues to mention the issues of sexism and sports culture. She does not forget to talk about sexism and racism where she gives an example of white women not being allowed to ride bikes on a lonely trail and the nation of the woman is not considered in this case.

Through all these challenges that Laura Robinson had faced, she developed a voice for the women in sport. What begins as a personal life and passion for cycling turned into a strong desire to empower women.

On the other hand, we see her life unfolding from that of simplicity in the instance when she sees her friends coming with several bicycles to her home to the time she contributes through her savings from babysitting until she manages to get a bicycle of hers. This opens up her life to the world as she gets exposed to the fact that women can also do well in men-dominated sporting activities like cycling. She defeats many challenges on the way and really becomes popular because of this and becomes a role model to the young generation of women.

In my personal life, yes, things that I thought to be personal have later turned out to be political. In one occasion when I was young, many boys bragged how they could just beat any girl who crossed their path. To me it was a dream to fight and defeat a boy until I was fed up one day and made one boy jump up three times and apologize for having beaten my sister. From that day, girls in the looked at me like a shield and could take just any boy and do the same

 The way the society looks at things, needs to be broken and the best cultures chosen because just as Laura defeats all odds and her popularity increases, any woman can also achieve whatever vision she has. I therefore conclude that it is possible to enjoy what one thinks is enjoyable despite how the society looks at it.


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