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Considering the fact, that everyone should live a full life, better and richer,  people should embrace every opportunity that shows up for success, despite what resources are at hand. Battle Royal is a story that revolves in a portable boxing ring where the narrator is one of the boxers. The main character goes through memories and the episodes of his life. He vividly remembers the twenty years of his life with despair. That happened due to his unconfidence, naiveness and a very low self-esteem. And, at the same time, he seemed to be a very ambitious young man who admited he had never been a freak in all his life. His life could be described with these words ‘all these years I have been looking for something and everywhere’.Unfortunately, he did not get clear answers or, it is better to say, all the answers he was seeking for contradicted his expectations.

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The story Battle Royalalso tells us about the narrator’s grandparents, aged 85 years, who experienced slavery during their life and were involved in ‘Battle Royal’, a wrestling or a fight involving four to five men inside a boxing ring. At some point, the narrator realized that he was ashamed of his grandparents because he disliked fights, but he had no idea he would have to fight some day as well.

There was Booker T. Washington, narrator’s role model, a renowned boxer. That man encouraged and ‘gave him the guts’ to step into the ring. Also there was the school’s superintendent, who motivated the main hero by cheering him up. These two characters acted as the inner drive that pushed the man to achieve greater heights. The more he was provoked by the audience, the more he got aggressive; finally, he lost his temper and started to fight.

While the MC was rewarding the fighters in the end of the story, the main hero felt deeply relieved, though he was bleeding, worn out and completely exhausted. He was said to be the ‘smartest boy’ and got all the attention during that evening, he was even asked to give a speech (unlike at the beginning of the story where he felt inadequate and even called himself an ‘invisible man’). He realized himself as a strong man, full of potential, especially, when he was making his speech despite the noise from the audience. Undoubtedly, the narrator fully utilizes the opportunity given to him and brings out the sleeping giant from within.


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