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The text under consideration is “Human Moment at Work”. The author of the text is Edward M. Hallowell a physiatrist who specializes in ADD/ADHD and more known for his books Driven to Distraction (1994) and Delivered from Distraction (2005). The text provides the general idea about the human moment and what is its influence on the peoples` collaboration. What is more, Dr. Hallowell shows how vital the human moment is to any transaction, deal, or entire organization. According to the author it refers to any human interaction. The extract has three main points.

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Critical Point 1: the disappearing of the human moment with the development of the new technologies. The author examines the hazard of using virtual communication. He confirms that new technologies can save time and is very convenient to people who are in the different towns, but need to solve some questions straightforward.  The author gives an example of the director of the company, that has to deal with the business questions in the different towns at the same time. He explains that telephone can help a lot in order to receive the fast results in communication, but the human moment is lost. Moreover, Dr. Hallowell assures that it is still possible to keep the human moment while chatting on the phone. The thing is needed in to be concentrated on the conversation. What is more, the author gives an example of e-mail communication: the message in the e-mail can be read with the different tone, which can lead to misunderstandings and future disputes. As an example he wrote that the sentences can be read in a different voice or tone. In addition, much time can be lost while searching truth.

Response: To my mind, fairness is the major concept in Business Ethic. That is why one should always be aware in being fair to the partner even by using e-mail or not visual type of contact. According to the article, it is hard to find out the real emotions, the tone of the voice and the physical manners without face to face communication. In order not to lose the human moment one should use the simplest language in the messages and do not avoid all the punctuation marks, which help to define the tone of the message. What is more, it would help to find out the background of the person. For example, if you know that the person doesn`t know the language properly or that English is his second language, you should write in the way everyone would understand. To my mind, in this case one does not need to show his level by using hard forms to understand.

Critical Point 2: the need of the human moment at work. He compares the total absence of it to the wreak chaos. While clarifying the evident benefits of communicating with the help of technical devices than in person, Dr. Hallowell affirms that an occasional human moment can consolidate a relationship or illuminate a transaction in ways nothing else can.  Moreover, the author says that without the human moment the workers lose their sense of cohesiveness that can lead to unfriendly, unforgiving and disrespectful atmosphere at work. All these thoughts Dr. Hallowell took out of his patients whose job has been sapped at human moments. What is more, he describes the work process. He writes that now there are lots of examples of people who work from homes and never know their collogues, the staff and the chefs in general. This can lead to the felling of loneliness of people and to loosing the human moment at work in general. The author points out that in order the work would be well done the one who does it should be in a mood of working. That is why it is necessary to keep the human moment at work.

Response: The Business Ethic also includes the social aspect. The author explains the consequences of losing the social aspect. Unfriendly atmosphere at work is a result of the bad ability to work. This can lead to the unprofitable production and bad quality work. That is why, the human moment is indeed important. Dr. Hallowell describes the situations from the history, when, in order do not lose the human moment, the supervisor and the stuff had once a while different sport activities together. This proves one more time, that sharing emotions and feeling can provide more friendly atmosphere and easy-going stuff. To my mind the helpful thing will be organizing the chat rooms, where the workers could feel free to talk with the other members of the stuff. What is more, the line between the worker and the chef should be reduced, as in the way the author wrote. The worked should know who is a chef and should respect him, but the relationships shouldn`t be so tuff as in can be between the worker and the chef.

Critical Point 3: the need of combining “High Tech and High Touch”.  In the other words, he explains that one shouldn`t avoid the high tech technologies because of the fear to lose the human moment, but to use them in order to get the human moment. The technologies makes people`s life easier. What about doing the business, according to the author, the technologies makes the things solve faster. The article starts with the description of telephone conversation. This points put the possibility to be in one place, but to solve the problems in the other. What is more, Dr Hallowell gives an example of the meeting that can be conducted in on-line regime but with the visual contact. According to the author this can solve the problem of the isolation, that person has while using the phone or chat room without the visual image, because according to the author, there is nothing that can help more in the conversation as the visual contact. Your eyes will see the other person, you will look on his mimics, take to consideration all his movements. All these help to understand the person. Sometimes only watching the person one can say everything about him. That is why the authors is for the using the modern technologies, however to take everything from them as possible.

Response: There is no need to be against the technological progress if it is developing in order to make people`s life easier. What is more, now it is easy to use the technology in order not to lose the human moment. The only thing should be remembered is to follow the personal ethic, to be precise, restrained expressions and respectful behavior to the companion. However, using the visual image technologies one should be aware, that the conversation is through on-line, but it feels more like face-to-face. Usually, using the chat rooms without the camera one can cheat the other speaker, because the only way the information is delivered is through the message. That is why it is very important to remember the business ethic while dealing with the questions with the help of such devices. However, while using the chat room with the image and the voice the only inconvenience is the location. To my mind in such cases the human moment is kept. One can see the image and hear the voice; this will be the prevention from the misunderstandings or miscommunications because the speakers would be concentrated on each other that can be lost in the conversation simply by phone or with the help of the messages.

To conclude, Dr. Hallowell calls to use the human moment wisely and the power of emotionally rich connections, this offers absolutely advantage to organizations and businesses of all types. He doesn`t feel negative about using the modern technologies in the work, wise versa he thinks it is a very good step in forming the new level business relationships. However he tries to convenience people that the human moment is very important at the work for many reasons: it stimulates the work, makes to avoid the further misunderstandings, provides more quality work by the workers, and should be kept even while using the new technologies. What is more, he advices how to use high tech technologies and do not lose the “high touch”.


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