Free An Individual’s Happiness Essay Sample

An individual’s outmost happiness is establishing that he or she has spent his/her day well and they have good-humoredly attained their outlined objectives and goals of that particular day.

According to Mathieu (2007), Mornings are great indicators of whether the day will run smoothly or it will encounter hurdles. This is because the various attitudes or morals that one wakes up to serve as determinants of the full day’s activities. Therefore well planning of the day is essential in establishing the overall outcome of the day.

The outlook towards certain things immensely ensure that the individual meet the set out goals. For instance by having a negative attitude towards a certain person or day-Mondays are boring, meeting one’s goal is slightly unavoidable.

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With crack of dawn symbolizing the start of a new day, the first thing in the morning is jotting down a few things I intend to accomplish by dusk.  Before the commencement of the new day, worries and anxiety of the previous day should not take precedence over the new day. By this I imply that I will not remember yesterday’s misdeeds or see the wrongs that I will encounter in the day since that amounts to planning for failure.  For instance by having an examination today, and instead of being optimistic of excelling in the paper, I start visualizing how the paper will be hard resulting to failure. Such ideas should be buried and not re-surface in the course of the day. (Crawford, 2007) Moreover, I will visualize on the things or activities I have written down in an effort to brainstorm on the rather complicated issues. I then have a simple prayer to connect and lead me throughout the day. (Winter, n.d)

“Spend a minute or two to just ‘being’ with the image of the things you are creating for yourself” (p.1)

As I proceed to campus to accomplish my objectives and goals for the day, I do it with optimism, happiness, joy and a life where things work out fine for me. With such enthusiasm in my day, mind-set against anything that could, however demoralized me fade away giving room to a successful day.  For instance having a negative attitude with my lecturer would directly affect my relations or rather my approach to the subject he/she tutors. Thus approaching the class with enthusiasm would amount to good relations with the lecturer and at the end good academic performance translating to good job remuneration. According to Winter (n.d) working out in an atmosphere filled with attitudes towards individuals or objects greatly affect the day’s activities and in this perspective therefore I opt to remain focused and attitude free for the rest of the day.

Moreover, previous day’s baggage and sorrows should not pose as impediments to the success of current day, but should be the motivating energy to face the day. Whereas individual tend to function as magnets pulling things to their way in a bid to create a tension-stress free atmosphere, surprises are inevitable and the better remedy is to have them contained. In my day for the day however, are not to be undermined since they would translate to a terrible day, therefore I would prepare in advance for any surprises that would come along in the day. For example being well prepared for an exam day, psychologically and mentally then news of the postponement of the exams hits me; I would be vibrant and view that as a chance to groom myself properly with the subject of examination. Instead of having inner cursing of the lecturer for the event, I would keenly polish up my revision as a guard to the examinations. This is in reflections by Amanda’s life, whereby she views her tribulations as a learning experience; she deals with the fears as a stepping stone to more wisdom acquisition. In this regard she stops being a casualty of conditions to a success story to many of her admirers. According to Hanshaw, (2008) the surprises that come in the day are should be used as the fundamental driving force for the future. For instance, the obstacles I encounter in the day to day learning at school are a lesson to learn from for future undertakings. In this I mean that for example it unexpectedly rains and I had not carried an umbrella, such happenings will trigger my brain to in future be well prepared for the unforeseen, to be at all times ready for anything.

In conclusion, scholars assert that each day should, although driven by past experiences, be extraordinary and unique in its own way. (Crawford (2007) “Each and every day has the potential to be an extra ordinary one…if you let it” (Crawford, 2007)


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