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Quantitative research is the contrast of qualitative research whereby a qualitative researcher does his research work aiming at quality work produced while the quantitative one does his research basing on the amount of work done (Ryan, 2001).

Why do some gay men participate in high-risk behaviors?

In this question I will use quantitative research to research on it. The reason for using the quantitative research method is that the situation is amongst the minority and is caused by the people themselves. In this situation more of questionnaires will be convenient due to the nature of research being done. Most of the information required is personal and others tend to keep it private even to the research whereby they don't want to be known making it convenient for quantitative research (Pelto, 1997). Another reason is that the data collected does not require much comparison with experience for the research may not participate in the action but want to control it and needs to convince the offenders for them to give in the correct information. Quantitative research therefore is the convenient way to do the research (Bernard, 1995).

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What factors predict good marital communication?

 Qualitative research is the method preferred in this method of research in that, the matter concerns the virtues in the society. In researching on the factors that deals with human life one must be keen to know how it's affected either positively or negatively, then with interest to understand the data is collected from individuals who are ready to give out information which is reliable making the research accurate and dependable. Regarding data collection and interest of the issue to research on the best method recommended for this research is qualitative (Mays, 2000). To conclude the qualitative research is more convenient for many research processes for it concentrate on the quality rather than quantity research. (Denzil, 2000).


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